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iCommerce (or Instant Commerce) is the next step to engage with fans allowing them to become instant buyers, avoiding and simplifying traditional concepts like: web sites,  shopping carts, pre-registers, payment platform set-up, shipping. Connecting online-offline in a simple idea. 

iCommerce = I like it, I want it, I buy it now!!!!

E-commerce (also written as e-Commerce, eCommerce or similar variants),  short for electronic commerce is a concept very well known in the market but very focused in the seller perspective and digital world.

Let's change the perspective.. iCommerce is focused in the buyer perspective.

How many times you saw something and you wanted to buy it? Not only in Internet but walking in the streets or in a Hotel. Mobile tech. allows to navigate and to buy in seconds worldwide.

Instant Commerce (iCommerce) is the ability to allow buying what I see, what I follow, what I like in one click or in one shot.

Please, don't send me into another web page, where you talk about yourself, where I have to find the product, where I have to register my profile (I already have a profile in Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook..).

Please, if you show me a beautiful product in the street, don't push to find out where to buy, or to wait until I arrive home. I want that product now!. Why don't you allow me to buy it?

iCommerce does!.

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How Instant Mobile Commerce Will Disrupt The Way You Do Business.. Forbes

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