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Name: Mayhem Maniac
Age: Somewhere from 1 million to 5 million
Gender: Female
likes: Evil, chaos, destruction, bad boys, manipulation, Dangerous Creatures, puns and jokes
Dislikes: Good guys, bordum , no fun
Bio: Mayhem is an odd thing. She seems as if she is Pony,wolf,dragon,rat,and fox all mixed up to create a horrible beast. Mayhem actually made two of her own creatures, one called a Dovlen the other Territi Vultu, they are viscous and kill on sight. You can only tame the Dovlen though and once you can befriend one you befriend all, and if your lucky be friends with Mayhem. Don't make her angry though if you make Mayhem angry she can order the Monsters to attack, you can't out run them. 

There will be a pic of her soon

Name: Rose
Age: about 15 years old
Gender: Girl
Animal: Wolf
Personality: Will go off of on anyone who makes fun of her pink fur, and likes to laugh about everything because she thinks everything is funny. And faces danger with laugh. But if she starts to laugh like an evil wolf you better run because she will bite and kill
Bio: Casted out by her pack who was all normal wolves unlike her, Rose found this place and is no living her own. She can be found near the pond or on a high cliff howling at the moon 

You see a light pink wolf with darker pink markings near the entrance  

Hello. And is it alright if I can be a wolf that think everything is funny but can go off on someone who makes fun of her?

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Here is Rose
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