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Make your family tree beautiful with Famberry, the easiest way to create a stunning family tree on the web.

Change the look of your family tree with custom themes. Go play for free at:

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A penny for your thoughts... 
Knowing that family values and its legacy are important to this community, is this a product you would purchase for your loved one? YES or No... 
Please post your answer in the comment area below.

Looking for your feedback as I am considering investing in this start-up business.  I welcome all feedback, positive and 
negative, that you post in comments below. 

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Looking for somewhere your family to privately share your #photos and #familyhistory?

Try Famberry at

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See my new Facebook page promoting my history and genealogy books --- Ruth A. Symes
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This link is to my URList with 48 APPS I use for Genealogy.

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Just inviting everyone to  my website - a site devoted primarily to learning how to use the iPad - beginner and advanced. There are also tutorials on iOS apps and some downloads.

For videos, subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Just got CamScanner HD installed on my iPad and very satisfied. Just miss  "Save to txt" of the OCR-results. Saving results to my Dropbox account.

I just bought a new IPad.  I have an IPhone so I am somewhat familiar with how things work.  However, I'm trying to figure out how to use the IPad effectively in my genealogy research.  I'm looking forward to new ideas here.
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