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Sharing what I do - learning about Mindfulness and Slow Living at #merewether in #newcastle

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Just north of Newcastle is Worimi National Park.
Sand Dunes of the Worimi National Park
The sand dunes of Worimi National Park make for an amazing photo safari. The lovely rolling, meandering shape of the dunes, the designs etched in the sand by both wind and rain, the light and shade cast by the Sun as it slowly set over this amazing panorama...

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Need help improving your workplace housekeeping practices

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Is antibiotics causing irreversible changes to young children?

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Have I got the flu or have I an allergy?? Confusing as they sometimes can very similar symtoms. Allergies can be from outdoor sources or indoor like chemical exposure. This link explains the difference. If an allergy eliminating the exposure source is the second step.
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Check out our latest blog post - Great for Australian businesses needing help to update to the new GHS Hazardous Materials Classification.

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This was taken a couple of weeks ago. We had been having some bloody hot weather (up to 47 celsius in our courtyard!) and it went on for a few days nonstop. One evening I wandered down to Warners Bay on the beautiful Lake Macquarie to catch the Sunset. There was a gentle cool breeze across the lake which took the edge off the heat. This couple was making the most of the breeze out on the jetty so, naturally enough, I decided to make the most of their silhouettes against the beautiful sunset over the lake. Mind you, the mosquitos were having a feast; they were as big as sparrows I swear!

#lakemacquarie #warnersbay #sunset #landscape

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You all invited to the next Full Moon event - #mindfulness

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Great work scientists.

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Scientists may have found a natural alternative to antibiotics.

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