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2.5.4 just released: Introducing Watch Action shortcuts with lots of handy features such as Brightness Boost, support for IFTTT and ability to configure hardware buttons to shortcuts

A big update this time with many new features:

- ​Use new watch actions as shortcuts on the dials. Lot's of useful actions such as Brightness boost, Toggle Dim mode, Change brightness, start voice command etc (see screenshot below).

- Configure the extra hardware buttons to the same type of shortcuts as for the dials (application shortcuts)

- IFTTT commands as shortcuts. Control your smart home, smart lighting, home cinema, car etc directly from your watch.

- Generic cloud commands (webhooks) as shortcuts. Use for Internet of Things applications or any other automation software

‎- Brightness (sunlight) boost: For those of you missing this feature in Wear 2.0 it is now a built-in feature in UW2. Set it as a shortcut on a dial or configure one of the hardware buttons to start it.

- Dim mode. Quickly toggle dim mode when your in a dark place like the cinema.

- Change system brightness directly from within Ultimate Watch 2. You now can control the watch system brightness on the watch from within UW2. This will get you much more detailed control of the system brightness than the Wear display brightness setting. Just enable this option in the brightness setting in UW2. You can also have a shortcut to this settings by using the new action shortcuts. You can also use it together with the automation features to automate the system brightness for example at sunrise/sunset.

‎- New weather window on the watch. Now you can manually update the weather directly from the watch without having to use the phone app. You can also set a shortcut to this window.

- ‎Possibility to have the digital time show only in ambient mode and not in active

- Note background can now either be transparent, semi-transparent or opaque

Note that the brightness and IFTTT features requires a watch with Android Wear 2.0.

Hope you like it..

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Still playing with UW2 ..

My watch recently did an update, (still Android 7.1.1), now app will not sync. Anybody else have a problem?

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Discovering UW2... really nice app ! Working on my first watch face. Would be nice if we could change the Dials font.

Hi I am changing my change to a new phone. How do I export a pre set?

Hi People!
I got MI 6 and I'm trying to use the altimeter in the ultimate watch 2. Just appears 0m. Can anyone help me?

I can't get hands or digital time to display in ambient mode. The ticks on the face show fine. I dried changing the color to black, gray, and white. It still won't show. What am I missing?

If you have Calendar (Dial 3) set to Show details on upcoming/current events and Notes set to Show Notes, will the Note show over Dial 3's detail of event? I am using an external provider (Keep) for the note (that box is checked in Note settings), and the note shows up on my phone in Keep, but it does not show up on my watch face. Curious if there's something I need to change or it's just not possible. Thanks for a great app!

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Happy Thursday everybody!Rocking one of my favorite watchfaces, triple blk Rolex with blu lume,(for dim mode),I think it looks FLAMMABLE on my HW2!
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I've been having some trouble lately saving shortcuts from the app to my phone's home screen. It says it is adding it to the desktop but never actually appears. Any ideas?
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