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Cataloguing with RDA requires adding extra MARC tags in the 336, 337 & 338 fields of the catalogue record. Deborah Anwar has created barcodes to describe these formats, taking the hard work out of adding these fields into our catalogue records. Thanks Deb for sharing this idea :)

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In the current CEDP library database there are 2 ‘Item Categories’ these are pre-populated fields, which exist in the call number / Item tab on a catalogue record. These ‘Item Categories’ are not searchable through a keyword search, but information can be retrieved through the reports module.

In the next release of Symphony Workflows there will be three additional fields which will be made available for use. To take advantage of these extra reporting fields, I would like suggestions on what information fields people would like to see in this area.
 eg. Text with a specific purpose eg. guided reader / graphic novel or a list of fiction genre.

For feedback on this topic please fill in the attached survey

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The latest edition of Connections contains a quizz  ‘Guess the subject heading’. This quizz highlights the reason why we catalogue resources, and the importance of finding items in the physical or virtual library. 
The catalogue is the gateway to the library’s collection, and that through the catalogue users can find  and locate items in the collection.
This concept is reinforced by the RDA term FRAD which talks about the four user tasks of 

Find, Identify, Select and Obtain

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'Bram Stoker's Dracula in FRBR terms' is a great demonstration of the concept of FRBR terms
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