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Name: Hunter Jackson
Age: 15
Gender: male
Deformity/reason chosen: Hunter was in an accident at the hospital 3 hours after he was born. The doctors spilled chemicals in his eyes and blinded him. This also made him have a tendency to pass out for no reason.This enhanced his other senses by 100% making it hard to adapt to his surroundings. The odd thing about the chemicals, is they altered his eyes making them a striking green. He is good at fighting, but once he passes out, it's extremely hard to wake him up.
supernatural power enhanced strength
Likes: "reading", he can write a little bit, and he likes when the police aren't bothering him.
Dislikes: his family, being blind, being on the run, the scientists, being unprotected.
Personality: Hunter is a strong and courageous boy. He likes to right wrongs and protect the helpless when he can. He hates to steal but only does when he needs to. He is also an amazing fighter even though he can't see. Hunter is very good with kids and animals. He is a good friend to anybody he meets unless they are cruel and rude. He can also "read" Braille, and write.
Bio: Hunter was blinded just hours after his birth. He had to learn to protect himself because his parents abused and beat him. His older brother and sister never really did anything to help him. His parents decided he wasn't good enough to be in their family, so they sent him to be studied. On the way there he escaped, and has been on the run ever since.


Anyone wanna rp with Imiry?

Imiry sprints out of a store with a couple of police men chasing her. She runs into you and falls back Closed to +Crayon Eating Dinosaur

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Name- April Sawyer
Age- 16
Deformity/reason chosen- Orphan/ One blind eye/
Likes-Being around people, sleep, swimming,rain, blue,trees,keeping secrets 
Dislikes- Rudeness, Bullying, Orphanages, Parents, Unfairness  
Personality- Bit of a bad-ass, tough, sweet, kind,  sarcastic, humorous, secretive, story-teller, passionate, artistic  
Bio- April was raised in an orphanage and was always bullied. One day, the other  girls were  bulling her and threw her  down the stairs. A sliver of wood from the old stairs went into her eye. The owner didn't  care , so she was forced to pull it out herself,  leaving her blind in one  eye. She was forced to sleep in a broom closet, and was constantly punished for her disability. When the scientists came, she was obviously the  owners first  choice.                                                                                                                      

April sprints away from the train for miles until she's deep in an unfamiliar forest.  She leans against a tree to catch her breath. She's startled when she hears leaves crunch  behind her.  

Leona is sitting under a tree at a park, reading
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Name- Bubble
Age- 11
Gender- Female
Reason chosen- Her parents only loved her siblings and just hated her for her love of weapons
Likes- Archery, knife-throwing, weapons, animals
Dislikes- Being underestimated, being told what to do
Personality- Sly, manipulative, independent, loyal, protective
Appearance- Refer to picture below
Bio- Her parents hated her, but kept her for situations like this and to protect them, but they don't know that she would rather let them suffer than protect them
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Leona and Hunter are in Hunter's room. Leona is in Hunter's bed, and Hunter is half in the chair drooling. He has his arms tangled in his shirt. (closed to +Book Beast292)

Leona and Tristan are preparing to go see Leona brothers and Hunter is preparing to see his sister continued
Closed to +Jordie The Purple Corn Chip​ and +Lilix Love

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Name: Ivory


Gender: Female

Deformity/reason chosen: She has an unusual shade of reddish-brown in her eyes and a lack of pigment in her hair, so it is very light colored. She also limps due to a bad car accident in her past, but it doesn't really slow her down. Other than that, her family just didn't want her.

Likes: Music, art, colorful things, soft things, friends, archery, the moon.

Dislikes: The quiet, dull things, guns, bullies

Personality: Timid, quiet, shy, but once you earn her trust, she is loyal, friendly, funny, and dependable.

Bio: She was originally from a "perfect" family. When she was 8 years old her family was caught in a rollover accident. This left her with a small limp (not noticeable until you really try to study the way she walks.) The accident killed her father and two brothers. She was left with a mom that for some reason, hated her. When the scientists came, they noticed her unusually pale hair, reddish-brown eyes, and her limp, so they tried kidnapping her. She escaped, and is now on the run.
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