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Oh Shit Look Jeff The Killer Creepypasta i killed my self

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Name×Candace Forester
Story× One day she went out with some friends. When she came back her dad was drunk. He dragged her to her roomand locked the door. This has happened since one week ago. Thats when she died. She died while she was being abused. She's afraid of everyone and everything.
How she kill×she abuses then knock them out and puts cuts up their arms. Leavimg them to bleed to death or she will hang them
Appearance×brown hair with golden tips, brown eyes that change to gold, grey sick, scars from cuts on her arms, a couple bruises on her arms that wont go away, wears any type of jacket as long as its black
Likes×food, tv, hair dye, hers scars to remind her of her battle of life, youtube, music
Dislikes×bullies, rudeness, bitches, being scared
Her Songs× fallen angles bvb, king for a day ptv, the legacy bvb, iris

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Full name: John Ezekiel Monclair

Creepypasta name: Black Hat

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship status:

Crush/Sort of an obsession crush: Yvonne Kennex. ((I will make a profile for her))

Occupation: John is a doctor by day, murderer by night.

He kills people by picking them up and bringing them to his home.

Murderer Personality: Sadistic, Cold, has a dark sense of humor, seductive.

Human personality: Sweet, Kind and caring.

Likes: Alcohol, Sex, Woman and Killing.

Dislikes: Nothing except his victims escaping him, like Yvonne did. ((Again, will make a profile for her))

Bio: He was born in West

His parents were abusive to him all the way through his childhood and teen year.

He moved to New York city and became a doctor.

A few years into his job, something in his brain snapped.

He began killing his patients then his nurses then his doctors.

John is now murdering people all over New York city.

And if you are on his hit list..

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Name: Black Hat.

Full real name: Lucas Ezekiel Monclair.

Age: unknown, probably in his 40's.

Race: Human Vampire hybrid.

Personality: Sadistic, Impatient sometimes, seductive, cheecky, serious and hurt on the inside.

Hobbies: Go out to bars, Have drinks, go on dates with his stable-ish girlfriend Natasha, listen to Classical music, and killing people.

Bio: Lucas was taken from his family when he was three years old by the church to become a vampire slaying warrior called a priest.

There, Lucas met a priest and priestsess, their names were Ivan and Gina, they were his friends and the only family he knew and had, until they went to Sola Mira hive to kill the queen, Lucas had been taken by the vampires, he was eaten alive, he thought he was going to die, until the vampire queen came to his aid and gave him her blood, Lucas transformed into the first human vampire.

Lucas became Black Hat that day.

A few years later, he kidnapped ivan's daughter Lucy and rode a train full of vampires to destroy the church but Ivan,Gina and Lucy's boyfriend Hicks stopped him and killed his vampires.

The three thought they finally ended Black Hat, but they were wrong.......


Black Hat still lives.........

Description: Amber/golden eyes, black hair, slight beard, slightly pale skin, sharp yellow/grey tinted nails and a faded red cross tattoo on his forehead.

Clothing: Black hat, black and grey handkerchief tie, black shirt with black rhinestone buttons, bulky black leather type faded coat, black leather faded fingerless gloves, black belt, black pants and black bulky boots.

Abilities: Super Strength - After his capture and exposure to the Vampire Queen's blood, Black Hat's already superhuman attributes were increased to the point where he could puncture a man's ribcage with one punch, leap impressive distances, dent steel with his punches and footsteps and send a grown man across several feet with one punch.

Healing Factor - He is able to virtually regenerate from any wound.

Super Senses - Black Hat can smell blood running through a person's veins.

He also is able to change someone into a familiar by biting them on the neck if he wants to otherwise the person will be turned into his mate if he/she accepts to be his mate in return.

Other: He loves chocolate.

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my favorite creepypasta laughing jack

SCP-999 slithers across the floor

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puts a filly in the grinder ahh I love killing laughs and smiles with delight
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