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I have an anoccment. In a few short days I will be adding a few new sections to this community. One of them for sure will be the Doom Dimension. If anybody has any suggestions for new sections please let me know 

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Name: Alec Lycan
Age: 20
Main attribute: Darkus
Main Bakugan: Darkus Qirex
Other Bakugan: Detomaso, Harimau, Ramiel
Personality: Analytical, elegant, Aloof
Likes: Reading, music, TV, Video Games, Cars, colder weather
Dislikes: Hot weather, Motorbikes, Rude people
Transport: Lotus Esprit GT V8
Family: Elektra Lycan (Mother), Morgan Lycan (Father), Aaron Lycan (Brother)
Bio: Alec was born with Aspergers Syndrome. So he finds social interraction difficult. He does, however, find comfort with his main Bakugan, Qirex. He lives in Western Bay City and is known as one of the best Brawlers in General inthe city, and the best Darkus Brawler in the city
Appearance: See picture

Name: Qirex
Attribute: Darkus
Age: Unknown
Personality: Calm and collected, can become an absolute terror
Appearance: See picture
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Hey brawlers we just made a hard bakugan quiz on quizup.
If you want to check it out here is the link:

So I'm new here so what do we usually do in this community

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Hello Bakugan Brawlers we just have uploaded a new bakugan video called 'Bakugan Rolling Techniques'. Please like and subscribe for more!

Helix would walk into a park, and would sit down It's beautiful today...

Open rp

Me: "So Hydranoid, are you ready to take on Rubanoid again?"
Hydranoid: "Yes, with this new Battle Gear, I think I can take him on."
Me: "Well, let's head down to the arena, I bet he's there"
Heads to the arena

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Which is the best battle suit wiseman uses?
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Please Don't tell me this died..

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We got a bakugan card powerhouse!!
There were also holographic abilities like masquerade's throw and Ventus 2!!
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