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Name: Andreas Flame Dragon
Age: 16
Species: Dragovi Chimera (Mix of Dragon and Basilisk Dragovi)
Class: A-1
Bio: I'm the Ex-Heir to the throne of a far away land called Draconia, I ran away after finding out that my Grand father, who is king, was planning to hire an assassin to kill me like the other heirs he's had before. While staying in this local town I had come across this Academy.
Locker: 102
like: Quiet places, Reading, Trying new things
Dislike: Blood, pungent smells, loud noises and fighting, "I refuse Violence"
Other: Andreas Is very Curious and may sometimes get into trouble and eavesdrop.

Name: josh
Age: 19
Class: 1C
Bio: been kicked out of home and been searching for a new home.
Likes: everything
Dislikes: traitors
Other: I'm 6'4" in hight, toned and tanned body, large down stairs, blue eyes and short brown hair

I'm on yhe floor and there is blood coming out of my torso and left arm what do you do ((open role play))

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Name: isaiah the firewolf
Age: 14
Gender: male
Class: wolf pack
The rest is classified you need to fight me to fing out and win

Name: Faolan Kusibo
Age: 16
Class: N/A
Bio: Being the only one left of his clan, and orphaned at age 9, he stumbled on the school while on his way to the store and, of course, his craving for knowledge brought him to the front desk.
Locker: N/A
Like: Challenge of any kind
Dislike: Tasks that pose no challenge
Other: Hard to anger but hard to control when he is. Prefers to find a nonviolent solution to problems.

looks over the edge of roof (sigh).............

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Name: rarity
Bio: unknown

Before I make a profile... Are digimon allowed?

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Name: Kurai Hana
Age: 18
Species: Human
Class: Not yet determined.
Locker: Not yet determined.

Bio: He began his journey in Tokyo, Japan. When he was born his mother died. His father took care of him and raised him the best he could. He got into quite a few fights and was slowly given the Creepy Loner Delinquent title by classmates and staff. His father ran into some financial issues and had to move. He transferred to this school toward the beginning of his Senior Year.

Likes: He tends to like scarves, despite the weather, as well as taking long walks, not particularly going anywhere. He also likes to garden.
Dislikes: Idiots who pick a fight with him and people who discriminate by look.

Other: Being the "Delinquent", he tends to stay to himself, normally in the back of classrooms. Despite being the way he is, he has an amazing talent for gardening.

(Is this okay? ^_^)
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