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Date: Fourth Quarter of 1917
Weather: Freezing Temperature

German Empire invaded Russia

Serbia is defeated by Austro-Hungarian Empire. And the land is under AH

Montenegro is captured by Austro-Hungarian Empire

Netherlands declared war against Scandinavia

Russian Empire is defeated by Germany. And the Germans gives some treaties to the Russians

Netherlands is Defeated by the teamwork of Scandinavian and Brazilian

Finland annexed Karelia and Murmansk and half of Saint Petersburg

France is defeated by the Germans. And the Germans gives some treaties to the French

Scandinavia invades Portugal

China is under attack by some nations

Italy invaded Ethiopia

Spanish Civil War erupted

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The Greek decide to support the communist by sending later mentioned supplies

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"Colonial Warriors"

With the continues bombardment of London and other Major Cities in Great Britain which cause a huge disturbance and panic in their side. The German Supreme Army Command uses this great time to invade their colonies in Africa. The remaining colonies in the West

Generalfeldmarschall Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, The Lion of Africa

300,000 German Regular Infantry with their Uberlandwagen A7V as their mode of transportation
800,000 Colonial Regular Infantry
300,000 Colonial Storm Troopers
150,000 German Storm Troopers with their Uberlandwagen A7V as their mode of transportation
800,000 Regular Colonial Calvary
200,000 Elite Colonial Hussars
100,000 Colonial Dragoons
100,000 Colonial Cuirassier
100,000 Colonial Lancers
500 MG Armored Cars
300 Abteilung 7 Verkehrswesen(A7V)
300 Flamethrower Armored Cars (Optional to be used) (If not used the weapons is still secret)
100 Reconnaissance Planes
200 Fighter Planes
150 Light Bombers
180 Heavy Bombers
50 Airships
8,000 Air-balloons
15,000 Heavy Artillery Pieces
13,000 Light Artillery Pieces
18,000 Field Howitzers
12,000 Mortars
100,000 Other Equipment's necessity for the battle(Field Communication and etc.)
20,000 Canisters of Deadly Gas (Optional to be used) (If not used the weapons is still secret)

The estimated 2,000,000 Million troops begins the invasion.

The German Reconnaissance Planes scout the area easily because there are no such defenses are located or placed in these British Colonies, while the Camera Pigeons snap some pictures in the enemy defenses that has a capable of shooting down a plane. Minutes later, The Scouting Parties finished taking intelligence of enemy defenses and they go back to the Field Base to give the Intel report of the enemy positions, defenses and bases to their superiors.

Meanwhile; The German Calvary are entering the colonial lands with ease as they charge with all might into the enemy positions. To left side the Cuirassier and Lancers while in the right side the Hussars and Dragoons both are supported by German Dragoons and they are now trying to close and encircle the enemy. The Stormtroopers in their Uberlandwagen A7V takes their position just behind of the Calvary; if they are pinned they will quickly aid the Calvary

The German Forces is now in their respective positions, the Artillery is prepared for anything; the front is dead silent but in matter of seconds. All fronts hear a whistle. After they hear the whistle; Another Artillery Barrage was ordered but this time, the doctrine used is Creeping Barrage. Armored Cars and German Tanks pouring in shooting any remaining enemy defenders with their MG’s behind them are thousands of Regular Troops and very well equipped shouting their battle cry and rushing in towards the enemy remaining defenses. Meanwhile in the Flank; as the ground rumbles, the Calvary, Dragoons, Hussars and the Mobilized Stormtroopers charged in by slashing and shooting any enemy soldiers in their way and completely surrounding the enemy forces. In the air the Germans have now complete supremacy in the sky; shooting enemy soldiers in the ground or dropping bombs in any possible strategic positions of the enemy.

As the Germans completely destroyed the initial Border Defenses. Wave by wave of Germans pouring in to their colonies. And as for the Germans, they are now marching to the gates of the Capital City in every colonial lands, only just few kilometers away from their victory

//Classified// The other defenses located in other parts of the German African Colony(yellow) is highly alerted because the British might counter attack in this sectors

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// Classified //

Belgian Forces join the Spanish Civil War

The Belgian Forces join the Spanish Civil War at the Side of the Democratic/Monarch party.100 Brussels I Tanks and 150,000 Infantry with 500,000 Weapons will be delivered to the Spanish Democratic/Monarch Party.

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German Empire restores peace in Norway Denmark, and the Netherlands. Still these countries are under Martial Law and Curfew is implemented in all sectors of these specific countries

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MONARCH TURN: Blockading the south
The Monarch Navy is finally done and is sent to blockade all Communist dockyards in the south to prevent any supply or reinforcing from sea, heavy Military movement is happening in the south too...

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The Spanish Civil War!
The Tensions have risen too far and the Communist won by very little and the other parties won't accept that so the Monarch and Democratic parties have joined forces and have Armed themselves and are ready for war!

Manpower and Weaponry

Communist Party:

325,000 mobilized troops
fully armed with rifles and other equipment
6 Planes
All of the Outdated Artillery/Cannons stockpile
No Navy

Monarch Party

175,000 mobilized troops
Mostly armed with rifles and other equipment but is limited
4 Planes
2 battleships, 6 cruisers, 10 destroyers

Both Parties cry for help

I will also play as both sides fairly until I get another ai player

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Italian forces mobilize

Incase of unexpected involvement in the Spanish Civil War, Italy arms and trains 2,000,000 reserves and soldiers. Factories start to produce Fiat Terni Tripoli Cars, Anslado Lansia 1ZMs, Ca.3 bombers, Ansaldo A.1 fighter, guns, machine guns, field guns, aa guns, artillery, and Renault FT tanks.

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With new lands in hands, the Finnish government has begun reforming the area and put their economies into the Finnish one. Of course, seeing Greek imperialism everywhere, the Finnish have begun making a large defence line on all border which will connect with the coastal fortification line which is already done. The line will consist of trenches, bunkers, artillery places (with artillery up to 90mm!), sniper spots, mines, traps etc. Of course, border towns will be rebuilt somewhere else but still close to the people their original grounds.

The Finnish begin putting the economies of the occupied areas into the Finnish economy while new roads and railroads are built to the new areas to connect with major Finnish cities and other major cities. Meanwhile, the Finnish start research on the Mark V tanks and various aircraft of the Scandinavians and Russians. Of course, the navy will also be expanded with a new submarine class coming on its way.

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COMMUNIST TURN: Fortifying the lines
The Communists are now digging in on the front lines and especially the thinnest lines between the 2 fronts to prevent then from easily connecting their territories and to allow safe convoys to flow through.
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