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A profile sharing plan that will benefit you. #401K   #profitsharingplan   #selfdirected401K  . Want to learn more about it, call Rick at 866-639-0066.

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I have the perfect solution for you to create income from your cell phone. Follow my step by step tips and tricks to get you started pretty simple.

We are gonna become a family 👪 because that's what we do it for. Families.

We want you to take your kids to Disney land on the weekends. Think about how much fun your kids will have. You could be so dedicated and with dedication comes success.

You can totally make it being your own boss

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Home prices have surged in recent years and older Americans now hold collectively $6.2 trillion in home equity. That’s an average of more than $200,000 per senior household with equity.
However, for many seniors it feels like the roof is caving in. That’s because their income from savings and retirement accounts is not keeping up with increasing expenses...

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Accounts Receivable Turnover: Do you know what your AR is costing you?

Why accounts receivable?
Increased sales.
Downside of Accounts Receivable
Bad debt
Opportunity cost of cash
Additional staff required to maintain accounts
Interest cost if business has to take loan to meet working capital needs
Background checks/ collection services
Office supplies like paper and ink sent to customers who owe

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#401kCalculator,#RetirementPlanCalculator, #401kSavingCalculator

401(k) Calculator - Estimate the future value of your 401(k) plan

Two important advantages Are:-
1. All contributions and earnings to your 401(k) are tax-deferred.
2. Many employers provide matching contributions to your 401(k) account

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I utilized my 401K and IRA to fund my Absentee Owner Business within a consumer goods distribution company more than two years ago now whereas I receive a share of the profits paid every two months. It's been very profitable with every deposit increasing. I utilize cash as well so I can use the profits now from the cash portion while the retirement funds portion is deposited back into my checkbook control account.

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