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A profile sharing plan that will benefit you. #401K   #profitsharingplan   #selfdirected401K  . Want to learn more about it, call Rick at 866-639-0066.

I have had very bad experience with Florence Baker she is definitely scam don't use her so called services

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78 Retirement & Financial Planning Tips - 26 Financial Experts, @sdretirement, #FinancialPlanningTips #Expertroundup

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Build Tax-Advantaged Retirement Wealth with a Real Estate IRA
Did you know your IRA or HSA can buy real estate?
If you’re tired of mutual funds, the stock market, and CDs that pay minimal interest, consider buying an investment property with your IRA or HSA. Real estate in an IRA produces returns with all the tax-advantages of your retirement account
Returns from IRA real estate can take two forms: rental income, and appreciation between the time you buy and the time you sell. So your investments can be producing a steady stream of cash, and be available to sell when the time is right.
Your IRA doesn’t have to have the entire purchase price of a property; the IRA can partner with a person, company/entity, another IRA, or it can secure a non-recourse loan to buy real estate.
As a real estate professional that works with IRAs, I would be happy to help you find your dream rental property. Click here to learn more about real estate IRAs and start building retirement wealth!

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Best Intraday #Trading Tips for Today Updated on Thursday,
February 18, 2016 Time : 08:45 a.m. 

BUY  ITC AROUND 299 FOR TG1 303 TG2 305 SL 295 

Today's #Intraday #Nifty Level: 

Nifty Support 1: 7140 Nifty Support 2: 7120 Nifty Resistance 1: 7230 
Nifty Resistance 2: 7260  Intraday Nifty Range: 7120- 7260

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Do you have one? . . A Retirement Plan Checklist for Year-End Maintenance of Your 401(k) . Please share or comment over the post. Let me know what you think about this.

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Retirement may seem scary; you no longer receive that pay check regularly and now you rely on the fact that you saved enough money to be happy in your later years. Like many others you are not alone in your concerns about retirement; here are some steps to take in order to help you begin retirement on a good foot. #tips #tricks #retirement
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