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Why are some eggs bluish

Hi everyone

We are in Norfolk and just getting started to think about the chickens. Can I ask a real beginners question please: is it ok to have different breeds, especially bigger ones and smaller ones in one flock? We have a lot of space and everyone in the family favours a different breed. We were thinking of getting two or three of each breed, probably not all at the same time. It would be a really mixed bunch and grow over time, is that a good idea?
I very much like your idea of giving an old battery hen a good last few months, where could I find them? We are close to Swaffham. Does anyone know good chicken breeders in Norfolk?

Also, could I please have recommendations on
1. a breed for small, delicious eggs
2. a breed that is good with children and easy to tame
3. a healthy breed with feathers on their feet
4. a breed for white eggs
5. a good all-rounder breed

Thank you so much everyone already!

hi there im a new hen keeper we dont have red mites but there is some red mite activity nearby is there any way to prevent mites getting to my girls or do i keep checking and treat if any appear would like to prevent rather than cure we just got 3 isa,s a leg bar and 2 wellsummers

Hi, I have 3 chickens which lay an egg a day each, they are well fed and have lots of space in which to roam about in. I am getting maybe a soft shell egg once a week. I give them crushed egg shells and mixed calcium granuals with their feed. Can you tell me please, what to do to stop these soft eggs, many thanks. Steve Alicante Spain

Advice please.....I've had my 4 chickens about 18mths but two nights ago, a fox got into the coop just as I went out to lock them up for the night (oh, the guilt!). Fortunately I disturbed it although I had to hit it a few times before it finally fled and my girls had a lucky escape. However, one lost quite a few feathers and had a wound just behind her eye which I bathed with iodine solution. But she is still not right....she is holding one wing awkwardly and the others are pecking her bare bottom. Not sure what else to do? She is eating and drinking but even more skittish than before so handling her to treat wound again is almost impossible. Also, I'm worried for my bunnies who used to hop happily around the garden during the day-I haven't let them out unless I am outside to "supervise". My family think I'm mad as I spend so much effort, not to mention money, on chicks/buns. So any advice from fellow animal lovers would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi, I got 3 hens a couple of weeks ago, they have a run about 4 yards by 6 yards, they have a coop which is available all day. The 3 seem to spend a lot of time in the coop so I shut them out for a few hours per day. On return to the coop one of them continualy pecks the wooden wall of the coop. They all seem healthy and are well fed. Could this be boredom or another reason. Thanks

Just started keeping chickens a few weeks ago and was wondering if we needed to heat the coop in the winter

hi im new to this site and need some advice...
we have 3 chickens and have had for about a year, we have had 3 eggs most days for many months untill the past week or so, we havent changed anything (food bedding ect) weve had a look for red mite but cant find anything. also the chicken whoes normally the boss of the group has changed her behaviour, shes normally first one out, first one to food etc but not now very quiet keeps to herself.
any help/ advice would be greatly appriciated

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One of my mother hens decided it was time for her chicks to learn how to roost but she just flew up the bay tree and left them to figure out how to get there! All the very best from sunny Normandie, Sue
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