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Hello! Welcome to Eagles Landing! This campsite was inspired by our lord... MJN. During this, you will learn how to live in the wild! Especially if you got kicked out by your family. We treat everyone like family, too! There are special kinds of tents, the girls, boys, and the 'together' tents. The Eagles nest is where i supervise. Our lord, MJN, lives in the Eagles nest. We all love him  very much because he cares for us! I'm biggest fan MJN!! 
Now listen closely, If there is any drama or 'I'm leaving posts, you will be removed out of this community by me or a moderator. Either that or you're post will be removed.
Have a nice day at Eagles landing!! :D
eagle screech

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Name: Draco Lester
Age: -
Gender: Female
Status: Juggie.
Location: Jesse's RV
Extra information: N/A 
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