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Do tungsten carbide tools website SEO , website no traffic , no popularity should not give up ? My experience to share .
Hello everyone , I am a tungsten carbide tools CRM business website novice webmaster . Today to discuss with you a very real topic : the site did not flow , no popularity should not give up ? I believe that the problem will be encountered again cattle owners , after all , each station are not the beginning can do well ! A mature webmaster is the need to continue through the practice , or even continuous failure , it gradually matures up .
1 , Google will be on the old site " special care " . Often high quality , qualified old site will be the search engine that the weight is relatively high . A long existence of the site , first of all its old qualifications will be recognized , which is the advantage of age . When your age is older , the higher the quality , your collection , ranking will be more stable . Stick to it , you will find it difficult to optimize the keywords before the break in the bottleneck , one day you will have the feeling of whipping the clouds . At this time , your main keywords have a relatively stable ranking , with the passage of time , the content of the site gradually rich , the role of the site long tail keywords more and more prominent . At this time , you will find the search engine traffic will be more and more .
2 , the site " entrances " will be more and more . A new station , starting from the line , the owners are constantly doing outside the chain , every day unremittingly did . And for the outside chain , we will do for the search engine optimization outside the chain , this time we often overlook the outer chain of another great role : to provide " entry " for the site , that is , direct traffic imported . We know that the promotion of the free effect is very slow , not as effective as the promotion of affordable . When your site " entranced " over time , more and more more and more time , you will find it seems not to promote the flow began to come . This is the site today's " entrance " more and more , the site will be more and more exposure .
3 , the power of time will slowly show up . I remember when I was studying in school , did some foreign game equipment trading . At that time google knows to do promotion . I remember not much at that time , but so far I have been harassed by these users for a few years (and now the industry is not how hot ) . So the power of time is huge , we do before the promotion is not immediately you can see the effect , but the power of time will slowly show up , and even bring you unexpected surprise .
4 , my real experience . Said so much , some friends will think it is unrealistic . Then I'll talk to you about my real experience . I have also done a forum for the university , was also very hard to do the optimization , updated every day , every day outside the chain , then the site also to the PR4 . But the site does not have any traffic , the average daily IP is only about 200 , And the forum did not interact , most of them are in the post . Later , because of graduation to go out of practice , and then work very busy , they gave up the site , because the space has not yet expired , it is still not management side . After a few months of the day , whim to open the site statistics , I was shocked . Not managed the site even higher than the previous traffic , but also from the search engine to obtain a lot of long tail traffic . Of course , this site I have now given up , but not insist on , but the purpose of the transition . be now doing tungsten carbide tools CRM business site promotion , I think this station I will not easily give up , stick to it , there will always be harvested . You are hesitant to give up the owners , we work together !
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