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Games play Magic games – Magic games online – Magic fighting game

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Haven't posted one of these in awhile
Design Exercise: Mash-Up and House rules

Pick any 2 or 3 games that you think elements could be combined together

You need to use at least one of the rulesets, but can make a few minor House rule tweaks to fit them together

Here's an example
I'd use monsters menace America as the base game
I'd take out the monsters and replace them with Martians using the monsterpocalypse saucers as pieces and the city cards and dice from Mars attacks dice

1-2 players would not control the military units
1-2 players would control the martians
To capture or destroy a city the Martian player would use the city cards and follow the instructions on each card

I'd have to house rule stats for the saucers

Human player would win by eliminating the saucers

Martian would win by securing x victory points

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Design Exercise:
Why adaptations fail

The 80s and roll and move games go hand and hand and while that's an ok mechanic for younger kids it's not great for a wider audience

Let's take a look at a few 80s shows and their games

If you were to design a game now for these series, targeting a family style game, what kind of game would you make ?

How would you avoid the pitfalls of the typical licensed game
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Hi Folks
We make board games - everything from board game reviews, design and production. We can source playing parts and esp wooden playing pieces. We can make prototypes and minimum quantity of board games.  We work with board games inventors.

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#education Are most important for the child. Practical or practice may the #Child Perfection. Here We develop game for child ,so child can groom their mind and increasing sharpness

The story starts with #kid moving around with his grandfather and sees a wall painting of a grannies broom, where the kid is curious to know what that is. That moment his grandfather says it’s a Witch with her Broomstick. This thought pops up in his head; he sees himself of broomstick and the dream run begins. It’s a fun game everyone can play and enjoy. This #gamecontains several types of broomstick which the #playercould enjoy during their #play. This endless game contains various elements like flying birds,attacking crocodile, bees, etc you’re welcome in this dreamland of broomstick run. #kidsgame #playgames#googleplaystore

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Apparently most folks missed this during the holidays (several recently asked where it was). In case you missed it during the holiday disruption of routine, here is a very kind, short 9 minute video, well worth checking out,  from The Two Bards Podcast, Scott C. Brown & Andy Dopieralski, featuring Brian Lewis, from The Gamers, Journey Quest, and more. Their discussion shares how role-playing games (RPGs), have impacted their lives, and the lives of others. This includes all forms of RPG: tabletop, live-action (LARP), & computer-based. Happy Gaming!

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As per request by many, here is the raw unedited video of the presentation:
"The Therapeutic and Educational Uses of Role-Playing Games (RPG) as Intervention Modalities for Individuals and Groups from the Therapeutic Recreation Perspective" at Seattle Children's Hospital for the Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association (WSTRA) 16th annual conference. The live version of this presentation was certified for Continuing Education Units (CEU's) by the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA).  
Comments and questions are very much welcomed.
Happy Gaming!

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A post from my new blog.  I describe one of the biggest challenges of building a 'zone of control' game without the problems of risk, and give some tips on how to conquer big design challenges (like 'fixing' Risk) in general.
A 'Zone of Control' Game without the problems of an "Australia Strategy" #boardgames #strategy

The only thing you were missing was an overstuffed, leather armchair and a little stick to push your armies across the board. You were probably 9 or 10 and you had just been introduced to Risk, or Axis and Allies, or Diplomacy, or something like it.  If…

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I have created a survey that takes about 10 minutes to complete (sorry it's long) that attempts to pick the best game to show off a specific category/mechanic. I know some will be hard to answer with just one game, but we need to have a clear ranking and allowing you to choose many will just muddy it up. So if you can take the time to please fill out this survey (2 pages) I'll make a write up about it on my site. Thanks!
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