I love terrible TV series. I also love Kingdom. Luckily, one of these things can take inspiration from the other and turn out some very strange results.

Supertrain nearly sank NBC in 1979, but that's the best reason to go out of our way to resurrect it for our own gaming pleasure.


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Wow. Just wow.
Here is my Lord of the Flies Playtest in action inside a classroom. The post has student results inside the post and it's amazing to see what student's learned from playing and RPG in the classroom about Theme and Community using +Ben Robbins Kingdom RPG.

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Hello Kingdom players! My new game, Follow, is up on Kickstarter right now.

Follow shares some conceptual DNA with Kingdom, since it's a game about a group of people working together on a common goal, but it's intended to be a much faster and lighter game -- something you can easily pick up, play and teach to new people, even if they aren't familiar with role-playing games. Take a look!

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I made my first Kingdom Seed! It's called: Hammer, Sickle, and Mask.

The core concept is that players are members of a S.H.I.E.L.D.-like superhuman espionage organization in the wake of an alternate-history Cold War.

I'm going to use it for setting creation for an upcoming campaign of Masks:A New Generation.

I want to run (well, pitch) a game in a Star Trek: Deep Space 9 inspired setting. Has anyone done the work of writing up a seed for something like this already?

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I'm always looking for ways to make my games better, so you have more fun when you play. Hot off the presses, these are the latest improvements I use when I play Kingdom.

Just about every change is something being removed, which should tell you something right there. Simpler and faster, more fun sooner.

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The Weavers avert the great diseases of history and the Stitchers put them right back again.

Yep, we basically did Microscope Echo time-travel as a Kingdom game. The verdict? Perfect.

Hmm... Trying to work out how soon is too soon to play a "United" Kingdom/referendum game. Watch it burn...

Hooray got accepted tonight just in time. As +*****​ knows I love microscope, I even created rules to play it with students in classes. Now I'm about to buy Kingdoms, but before I do I must know. Can it be played with 6 or is that too many and a bad idea? I'd it isn't a bad idea could there be a way to shorter scenes or work in scenes with 2 protagonist to make it work better? It says 2-5 players, so I am curious and wanted to know.

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Yes, raising an army of the dead to fight off the dragon-worshiping barbarians might upset the peasants.
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