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My homemade Thai Lettuce Wraps with my spicy peanut sauce.

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Making homemade chipotle and coffee cured bacon for my appearance on ABCs LiveWell Network show My Family Recipe Rocks!

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Burghound Allen Meadows live Thursday
May 29th at 2PM EDT

#Burghound   #Burgundy   #Wine  
Watch Allen Meadows' second Q&A about Burgundy wines. is the result of Allen's lifelong passion for the wine of Burgundy. For more than 30 years, he has been collecting the wines and visiting the region. Each year he spends more than four months visiting, researching, tasting, exploring and evaluating.

Burgundy is Allen's obsession! Expanding on his coverage of the coveted pinot noir grape, each issue includes reviews of both Oregon and California pinots providing continuous coverage.

#wine   #burgundy  

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+Randy Resnick, I thought I might need to PM you for sone help with a selection from the wine list. We settled on the Beaujolais :-)

Now to eat !!!
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The follow up
+Randy Resnick

Using it to wash down an eye fillet :P

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I'm posting food I'm cooking. Not what I would normally post, but after +Randy Resnick's post on Thai curry paste, I figured I'd make a #GreenCurry.

Been using this one for some time now. Has a nice balance of flavor and kick. Tonight young Felix was eating left over BBQ sausages, so I was able to leave a bit of heat in the dish.

The secret is the stinky Thai fish sauce they use. This one is the least stinky with decent flavor. Add in some squeezed lime and kafir lime leaves. No fresh coriander today though and none in the freezer....oops

Tasted great. All gone.

Used some chicken,
An onion
Half a capsicum
A carrot
Some mushrooms
Some eggplant (sorry +Gordz Murphy)

Green curry paste
Coconut cream (full fat!!! yeah baby !!!)
Fish sauce
Squeezed 1/2 lime
Chopped kaffir like leaves
Fresh chopped coriander (absent....bugger)

Open a beer and begin drinking

Fry the chicken separately in a bit of oil with some salt and pepper to season
Cook enough, but not complete, set aside

Fry up a chopped onion, set aside

Finish the beer and grab another

Fry up a chunk of green curry paste gently, not too hot, you'll know you're doing ok as you'll start to cough, splutter and have some trouble breathing. Your 4 year old son may burst into tears, if not, add some fresh chilli

Once the sauce is bubbling gently, throw in the chicken and onion. Stir and complete the cooking of the chook.

Add in the carrots and eggplant, stir them around in the paste with the chook for about a minute or so. Add the stinky Thai fish sauce. Crank up the heat and shake it all about.

Quaff the rest of the beer and grab another....(this will be thirsty work, keep the fluids up)

Slowly add in the coconut cream. Add enough but not so it stops bubbling for too long. As the bubbles come back, chuck some more in.

Finish your beer and open another.

Add the mushies, zucchini and capsicum stir gently and let simmer for the remainder if the beer.

Once the eggplant has softened, she should be right to go. Turn off the heat

Grab a feisty young Riesling , not too pretentious or even a Riesling semilon blend, pour yourself and your present company a glass. Have a thoughtful mouthful. Make a point to your company of "the subtle balance between the citrus and stone fruit undertones whilst still maintaing a quiet long honeyed palate as a note of what is to come from a short cellering of this classic varietal". Make sure your holding the stem of the glass while doing so and holding the bowl up to the light so they will be convinced you are indeed a half pissed wanker.

Serve up on a bed of steamed jasmine rice. 
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very cool, next time I want to join you!

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