Ok Calla Just hd a fight with Zayn and Derek and took off running and didnt come back for 3 days and is still out in the woods. ( but shes really captured) 

walks around as a lone wolf now and then using shadow powers. I jump over lakes I sprint over plains and swim. A stranger stops me in my tracks but I keep running. I soon find that it was Cella. I see here again and begin to panick. I see her again and walk over Cella...?

Zayn was alone,

hello! im new here and wish i had more tails!!!!!!!

( Hey +Fuzzy howlers  are you going to join another pack? Derek can take you back in, but I'm okay with you joining someone else. )

i go travelling and bump into another wolf. I growl to give warning then run but the wolf follows me

(I was banished from the lands and pack)

( +Snowy Wynter puma what kind of wolf do you want to be? A wolf or werewolf? )

Zayn , Alex and Derek are out hunting together.

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Pacing up and down the fields in anger

Alex looked at Calla "So, now what?"
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