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this is a redesign of my oc for blue exorcist
her old ref sheet

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eye of the storm - wattwhite

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So cute~

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Hi everyone I new here :D

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Full Name: Onyx Deneen Dark
Age: 18
Race: Unknown
Crush: No one (yet)
Reputation: Advanced Fighter
Personality: Mysterious and Calm
Equipment: Claymore and Magic viola
Abilities: To control a human's soul, to eliminate negative thinking, and shape-shifting hair
Weaknesses: Fire
Likes: Blissful silence
Dislikes: People mistaking her for a male
Clubs: Science Club
Friends: None (yet)
Enemies: Aquamarine
Birthday: March 3rd
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 89 lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Silver
Ever since Onyx was a toddler, she was destined to become an expert at fighting. But when she turned 7 years old, she was given a sword. She practiced with her sword, and gained control of her powers. Then, she left her planet to protect the Earth.

Hey everybody! I'm new to this group (but not B.E) and it's nice to be of your acquaintance!

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Juzo back at it again with the ~Weasel~

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Hello, it's me. Lucifer the king of light
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