All water wells and tanks, main water supplies get damaged in earthquakes. You could loose your water in seconds. We need to start building alternative water supplies, like food grade 1000ltr tanks. we need to sleep with our shoes ready to go at the end of the bed, nobody wants to cut their feet trying to get out of their homes. Have a pack ready, with a torch, water, warm clothes and some medical supplies.
We need to build a community that can physically help each other. For instance in the last 3 months my partner and i, have learned everything from collecting seeds, right through to amputation. We have built a shipping container, have sealed the doors in every gap. The only reason we are still on the coast line is because my partners children are here, and unfortunately their mother does not believe in any of this and will not even give 5mins to see for herself. So the only thing we could do was make this container our safe haven. If there was a community out there, we need to know what everyones profession is straight away. To determine whether your a hunter or a gatherer. Our family has a piece of land in eketahuna, .nz. On the land we already have 2 railway cabins, its nothing fancy but my partner is a builder/interior systems installer who can put noahs ark together in no time. Its very very important to have shoes at the end of your bed, because your no use to anybody when you need stitches in your feet. Prepare now so you dont get caught out. 
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