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The current characters taken so far:
Lightning - +Lightning Farron
Snow -
Sazh -
Vanille -
Hope - +Chiesu Hāpā​​​
Fang -
Serah -

(If you have taken the role of one let me know then I'll tag your name next to it)

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Name: Gale Guardgoyle
Age: 21
Gender: female
Appearance: picture below
Species: some kind of gargoyle human. "I call myself a Bell Gargoyle"
Likes: Churches, Church bells, statues, Etro "I'M NOT A HERATIC!" ,"and the rest is my little secret"
Dislikes: the order, and Bhunivelza or whatever his damn name was
Final Fantasy Class: " gargoyle work? If not then how about Gaurdian?"
Attacks: Heavy Slash, Tail Slash
Gaurd: Parry
Magic: Undead Burner
Weapons: Gargoyle Halberd, Tail Axe
Shield: Gargoyle Sheild
Bio: "I'm a gargoyle that used to guard the cathedral 24/7 until I overheard the priests and clerics talking about the "Soul Song" behind Vanille's back and I couldn't believe it THEY have been LIEING to her as well as me, I accidentally let out a growl and gave myself away, so now they are chasing me and I'm looking for Fang but so far no luck without being spotted by the order and killed." hears footsteps and voices "Speaking of which, I gotta fly." Smiles and waves as I open my wings and fly off (I like being in character)

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V-Raptor's attacks
First: Beak Snap
Second: Somersault Rush
Third:Dual Strike
Forth: Hurricane Blitz

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(Restarting profile)
Name: V-Raptor
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Appearance: picture below
Species: Velocilraptor
Likes: Wind, meat, Lightning
Dislikes: fire
Final Fantasy Class: unknown
Attacks: Beak Snap, Somersault Rush, Dual Strike, Hurricane Blitz (I'll post a video of the attacks soon)
Bio: a dinosaur from a different dimension that only listens to Lightning. V-Raptor has an ability that can up allies stats depending on a ally's level.he follows Lightning everywhere or he's a coin that's carried in her pocket

Name: sakura ran
Age: 15 but look ten
Gender: female
Appearance: an small height girl with glasses and violet wrist length hair in a loose side ponytail with two hair locks out and crimson and hazel eyes and wearing white short strapless dress with black high heels boots.
Personally: can be childish, Messer, Cold, cruel, distant, hot temperature, stubborn, quiet, very shy, smart, doesn't speak too much or trust people who are not known by her, kind, sweet, caring, friendly
Species (i'ce, fal'cie, or human): just branded pulse I'ce
Likes (Optional): her books.
Dislikes (Optional): mean people
Final Fantasy Class: medic but can be all.
Weapon: an whip.
Bio: secret

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hello there.

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((selfieee!! ouo))

Name marina
Age 17
Gender female
Class medic
Weapon metal fans
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