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Submissions for our fourth anthology are now being accepted!
Poet's Dream Anthology - Please read carefully

Dream Catchers: Volume 4 - December 2017

Theme: Freedom

1. You must be a member of Poet's Dream.
2. Only one piece will be accepted from each member.
3. Your work must be of the poetry genre.
4. No images are allowed.
5. No "Quotes or Insights".
6. No obscene or offensive language.
7. The community guidelines for content apply.

Your submission is to be emailed to:

and must include the link to your Google+ Profile. Submissions via Hangouts or Google+ Post will not be accepted.

Unless otherwise requested, your Google+ profile name will be used. If you wish to use a different name with your work, please specify this with your submission. Your submission needs to be the final version and no rewrites will be accepted.

You will receive an email confirmation that your submission has been received, but this does not imply that it will be included in the anthology. If there are areas to be addressed, you will be contacted.

You will be notified by tagging in a post if your submission has been accepted.

Opening Date: October 1, 2017
Closing Date: October 31, 2017 (No submissions after this date.)
Publishing Date: December 1, 2017 (To appear on SmashWords, Google Play and PD Website.)

Ferrick Gray
Elusive Me


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Fallen Kings ||
Spoken Word Poetry🦊🔥
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King of fallen kingdoms
Lord of lackluster lands
Emperor of dust
Dictator of dirt
When the gold crown fades
When the fine iron swords are but red sands in the face of time
Nothing will be left
Once a fine and mighty kingdom
Now but dust ground beneath my bare feet
As we fade
Time will still never cease
She will oversee the fall of kings
The death of exalted soldiers
We will all be made but dust to fly from her fist into eternity
I wonder what will become of me
As I submit to entropy
Like a thousand before me
I will fade away

(C) Robert Maxie Jr

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Soft Growing Green
After the last disdainful condescension termed a
drop of rain its at it again - perhaps a mite better
this time; there’s no deranged downpour, just th’
steady drizzle we liken t’ having Heaven’s liquor
poured in th’ right & proper place getting best of
a beatified blessing, and with no dreaded waste

Yet I still hear a grizzling from where those auto-
bahn constituencies complain ‘our Motorway’s a
death trap in the wet’; I could say - it isn’t for me
because I don’t play at driving then; so where th’
analogy fails is up in the air spelled by their utile
definition of what is plaguing their convenience

Best I keep the peace - but I seem to remember
a wet spell not too far back when flooding hit th’
headlines with a vengeance; - weren’t too many
whinges back then, highways were closed - and
from memory stayed so until the floods receded
after 4 - 5 days; now its a drizzled-upon history

But out here in th’ styx we’re resting at ease; no
crazy streams gouging out new floodplains, our
sense of security gains upper hand and without
insurance reps plagiarising from those dramatic
and defaulted claims o’ legendary causality - so
we relax into the Nirvana of soft, growing green
© 10 May 2017, I. D. Carswell

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Good evening, ladies & gentle men,

after a short week's absence and my head still filled with all impressions of the places I saw, I sit down this Friday to pick today's PD Poem of the Day and again you managed to touch me...
it must have been years since I first heard "Forbidden colours" by David Sylvian but this poem by +May brought it back to life... thank you for that, it will leave me the rest of the evening reminiscing

Friday's PD Poem of the Day is by +May

Enjoy and pls do show her your appreciation...


I sing the dreadful song
Of our forbidden love
A distraught unto my peace
That encarcerated
my very freedom
to choose
to feel
to think
to be free
till all that's left of me
Are the shadows
That lurks
In the darkness
of my own thoughts

Love did this...

© mai102017

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Oldie but goodie
+Richard Nunez

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When everything fine
And the sailing is plane
You miss all the madness
Although you complain
About it when it's there...
Try not to miss it
Instead love the calm
The peace and the quiet
No need for alarm
Just stop there, as long
As it let's you to stay
For soon it will shift
And be off on it's way
And that's when the madness
Will knock on your door
Not wait for an answer
Be there on the floor
You know it's moved in
For as long as it wishes
It's always quite rude
And it darkens your mood
But certainly makes you grow...

Copyright of poem and pic Rachael Newport

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#PDflashback #PoetsDream #PDprompt #Halloween


Nervous breaths of foamy mouths
rushing through the forest trees
As the twilight tries to keep
the howling pack of wolves behind

The sound of violins ascents
propel the twirling of the dress
as salty pearls find their way
along curved panting breasts

The hunger rises with the flames
of fires that suggest salvation
In this night where full circle
clouds the judgement of the mind

Opening the window to uncertainty
Seduced by hungry sighs and glances
the flee is nothing but a pale attempt
to eagerly surrender to her kind

Take me to your world

©inkstitution | inkinthewell 2013


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The Muse
She dances daintily across my heart and through my thoughts..
Amusing me with her love and devotion
She is a lady.. when she is not my muse..... giving every drop of her inspiration thro her desire..  sensuousnes.. and mind

She did not choose me to love
I did not choose her..
God does not let us choose who we love.......
I love you.. I have no choice
You love me.. you have no choice..
Even running away will not release our love
Nor will silencing our voice
We keep returning because we have no choice..
The muse and the painter have no choice
What is the spark that creates the inspiration..
If it was pure looks de vinci would not have painted Mona Lisa
If it was just passion Wyeth would not have painted Heidi
It is that something that no one can hold or touch
It is the things that leave us with no choice.....

Copyrite Ray Gallon 18. 11. 16
Painting Ray Gallon


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"harvest of gold"
evening afloat on a sea of gold
echoes of light playing on my
dappled reflections awash on the
waters ..ripples distort the mirrored
image ..reality changed like time
being altered
overhead sounds of gulls
screaming.. sail away to far off lands
seek out your fortunes is all the
same will not add to your fame
only the daylight will change
Copyright © Ken Newman

There is no distance in the word "Here" because we keep it all in the word "There"
©Westly Shakespeares
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