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Good evening, ladies and gentle men

Something extraordinary just happened. I read this poem by Philippe and within seconds I was flashed back 20 yrs ago into the arms of this amazing half French half Algerian girl with pitch black short hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes that I drowned in. It was long ago, she was wild but vulnerable and I her bodyguard for three weeks on the Italian Riviera. I could taste her smile again. And feel her breath in my neck as I carried her home each night. I wonder...

Wow... that I Poem could be that strong to accomplish that. I even forgot what it was about.

Let me read again. And you, pls join me. Lets find out where Philippe takes you

Good night


Sur une ligne d'horizon bleu azur,
Mon regard à été attiré par son éclat.

De son reflet brillant comme un diamant,
Elle me hurle de venir la traverser.

Elle a la saveur du fluide de ma tristesse,
Et la profondeur des abysses de mon âme,
Qui se fracasse comme un morceau de cristal,
Quand elle s’échoue dans un bruit infâme.

Elle me supplie de venir m’y baigner,
Pour remplir mes yeux de nouvelles larmes,
Cette tentation à laquelle je ne peux que céder,
Dans ces profondeurs il n’y aura plus de chagrin.

The call

On an azure blue horizon,
My eyes were attracted by his brilliance.

From his shining reflection like a diamond,
She yells at me to come and cross her.

She has the flavor of the fluid of my sadness,
And the depth of the abyss of my soul,
Who shatters like a piece of crystal,
When she runs aground in an infamous noise.

She begs me to come and bathe,
To fill my eyes with new tears,
This temptation to which I can only give in,
In these depths there will be no more sorrow.

© Philippe 2018


Through your eyes

What I see through your eyes can I tell
They are painfully screaming for help
Filled with stories they can never tell
I see the pain in your breaking heart

You held his hand with high hopes
And pieces of you starts falling apart
All alone these pain you only cope
Nothing seems right from the start

All sweet dreams fading day by day
Misery and pain is all what you see
lonesome you feel though in company
Within your eyes is pain all that I see

Either better things are coming together
Or every single thing is falling apart
Darling read the following letters
Coming straight from my human heart

Take it as a nightmare filled with sorrow
Even these painful days will finally depart
If only you give a try to bring things together
You can save the future from falling apart

You are beautiful a heavenly delight
With eyes like stars of twilight fair
The strongest women locked in my sight
A garden of silk your soft perfumed hair

Behind your pain I see a strong woman
Whenever I look at you, all notes sieze
Such strenght and beauty cannot be human
And words I want to write sweetly freeze

© Usaid 2017

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runs in the river bed
… sea echoes

Helen©Di©s, 246, 21jan18

the gift

life has a way of teaching lessons when appropriate,
not always when we feel the need to learn.
for some of us,
humility is much too restrictive -
a garment we feel inappropriate -
out of style.
don't you think -
self-proclaimed autonomy?

we decide who wins -
who loses?
how condescending and disproportionately opaque!

our goal,
fervent desire,
should be to live a life transparent.
or even somewhat magnified.
allowing more light to escape than that which enters in.
to learn the greatest gift,
comes when we comprehend the blessing we receive from giving...

(c) by Jeffrey Chatham

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GOLDEN YEARS shared by our talented fellow poet +Kathy Lyons​ has lifted Popular Pen on 20th January 2018.



Milestones in Life
Still Time Goes by
Much Good to Give

(C)Word's and Picture by Kathy Lyons

Link to the beautiful poem:

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Silently tear's falling from eye's of deepest admire
Heart broken from so many year's awaiting to inquire
Soul full spirit ready to fulfill my lost desire
Hope consumes lifeline still alive with heart's inspire

Trust in truth holding firmly on word's of wise
Searching within to overcome the source of lies
Renewed in faith to soar with Eagles skies
To run wild with the Wolf before our final demise
Mend my Broken Dream's to find the Spiritual prize...

(C)Word's and Picture by Kathy Lyons
Hope and change is our answer! 💝

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Steel Edge of Denial:

I am waiting...
Quietly waiting at the steel edge of denial
Like a finger insistent on a delicate trigger
I hope to reach the center of your chaos ...
That quiver from your pulse
Like whispers teasing the dark wind
Leaving my velvet rose petals to the mercy of your abandonment
At their slightest scent
For somewhere within a red flash of a raven's eye
I see you have captured the ache of my heart
That screams like a tiny ruby
Throbbing in the center of a black hole
Tearing past the cosmic threads of my lissome soul
Before I collapse at the slightest crackle of lightning
For it charges me into a frenzy
Like an electrical shock
And I die caged in a mad rush
The angels and devils between us the steel edge of your denial

poetry/gif © 2018 Skylark Hatee

Animated Photo

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get charged.......

nerves tangled
enervated muscles,
dampened spirits
dehydrated - vigour,
exhausted, petrified
"battery to be charged
mind to be energized
positivity to be stimulated
body to be vitalized
thoughts to be refreshed",
come my friend;
hold my hand
electrify your soul
raise bar of spirit, feel
the pulse.,flows
of blood
and heartbeats......!


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How I love
to dance upon
your winter breasts

To lose,Thyself
upon the,
cavernous scenery
of your body.

To ambulate my
tongue upon the
petals of your

Until the essence
of your juices,your
winter rain, settles
upon my body like emollient oil.

whet are your
flavors succulent,
that dance upon my tongue.

I am your obsequious,compliance, my adoration befalls

Memoirs from a Madman art photography and poetry done by Sean Thomas Runyon copyright 2018

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bare tree branches
this endless effort
to reach for the sky

words and image
© lucky triana
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