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A special Fab 4 broadcast exclusively for Presidents Recognition Program full of tips, ideas and strategies to help you reach Presidents club or higher and how to get your guaranteed 40 to 50% earnings every campaign. Please join us and bring your notebook to keep notes of all of the great tips you'll hear!

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You've heard the name of our iconic company most of your life - we celebrate our 130th birthday soon. We've helped millions and millions of women and a few good men achieve financial success and reach dreams they never thought were possible. We've helped bring awareness to issues like domestic violence and breast cancer. We can help YOU TOO!

Mark your calendar to click on and tune in live so you can learn HOW you can make an extra $300-$500 or even more per month without having to do much of anything different than you are now. 

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Tune in Live as we reveal who our Leadership Bootcamp Graduates are for our Spring Leadership session! WHO achieved at least SIX Challenge Badges??? Will YOUR Name be announced?? 

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Join us as we celebrate the successes and top representatives from the Fab 7 Districts as well as share some great tips to help you EARN more, achieve the fantastic incentives Avon has for you and ideas to improve your business. 

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Session 5 is all about helping you gain more titled team members in your downline and WHY this will help them and you. 

Join us as we hear from our Bootcamp managers and leadership representatives! We will have our always inspiring Kristy Scruggs, Avon Executive Unit Leader, sharing some very useful strategies on how she has mentored her team to advance title and even share some challenges and how she has overcome them. 

Mark your calendar now to join in LIVE so you can ask questions!

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Attend from the comfort of your own home. No need to travel, dress up or find a sitter. 

At this event you’ll learn about Avon Products, Inc. & how … 
▪ Avon can make a difference for you & your family 
▪ You can earn additional income & learn new skills
▪ To get started with your own home-based business 
You'll also hear from some current Avon representatives as they share their story on what a wonderful difference Avon has made for them & their families. 

Do you have family or friends who could benefit from extra income & would enjoy learning about Avon?
Feel free to forward this share via Facebook

Right NOW is the BEST time to start your own Avon business! 

Session should last a max of 45 minutes with Q&A

Link to the Google Live Hangout Event Page is: 

Link to Watch live Via You Tube is:

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This session will focus on tips, strategies and ideas to help you appoint and train (onboard) your new representatives to help them be more successful as well as helping YOU grow your earnings. 

We will have sharing from our DSM's and leaders on what they've found to be most successful for them. 

Don't miss the your new challenge to add to your badge collection for bootcamp graduation!

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Join us for our May live broadcast from Avon Fab 7 as we share who our district stars are, and how you can make more money this May with your Avon business. 

Spread the links so your friends and teams can join in live or watch the playback!

If you would like to become an Avon representative you can contact us or go to to learn more. 

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An entire segment dedicated to sharing ideas, pointers, tips, strategies and methods to help you PROSPECT. That seems like a scary word, but really we want to take the fear out of it and show you how you can learn to talk to people comfortably about the Avon earning opportunity. 

You'll want to take several notes on this session as we are going to cover Direct and indirect prospecting as well as active and passive. You'll even hear how you can do this without taking any extra time out of your day!!! 

Make sure you invite your entire team to tune in on this one with you! 
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