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For anybody interested in what went on behind the scenes at IOI 2013, here's my unofficial brain dump with possibly way too much detail. Enjoy!

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Photos from IOI 2013. I didn't have time to filter them, so I uploaded all of them :)

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The final scoreboard can be seen here

#IOI2013  competition day 1 is well underway!

Hope everyone is prepared for the first day of the competition tomorrow!

Check out the teams for IOI 2013!

The practice tasks for IOI 2013 are now available. You can view them at, where you can also submit your solutions, and download a VM of the contest environment. Try it out! Let us know if you have any issues by emailing

The rules for the IOI 2013 competition are now online. Note that these are still tentative until they are approved by the General Assembly at the IOI.

All team leaders, deputy leaders and contestants should read and become familiar with the rules. There are some changes from previous years, highlighted at the start of the document.

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The IOI International Committee recently visited Brisbane and the University of Queensland. Watch this video about their time here!

Registrations are open for IOI 2013! Please follow the link below to the registration page for more information. All team members, including leaders, contestants and guests, must be registered by 17 May!
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