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Name: Arcolm DreBole
Age : 25
Gender : Male
Species : Nord
Armor: Full set of Dwarven Armor
Weapons: Pogo Hammer (look up pogo hammer skyrim videos), Dwarven Greatsword, Dwarven Bow, and a Dwarven sword
Bio: Village was attacked by a dragon when he was a kid, Previous Dragonborn came to save them but died, Arcolm picked up the pogo hammer from the Dragonborn's corpse and killed the dragon.

(Without his armor on v (that's a downward arrow))

Arcolm is attempting to complete a bounty, and is looking for a group of bandits hanging out in some Dwarven ruins near Windhelm

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I can't believe this works! It'll blow your mind!

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I'm the second born of Akatosh, I am a Dovakin (Dragonborn)

I have three Artifacts from my father, the Blade of Akatosh, the Sheild of Auriel, and the most important The Amulet of Kings.

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Reshare if you want to live a happy life free of demons eating your soul.

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Castle Draco

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Name: Oniskronivus meaning: Killer
Species: Ancient Dragon
Age: 70946395654 young for a Ancient Dragon
Gender: Female
Likes: killing hunting fighting
Dislikes: Fleeing
Relationship: Looking for mate

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Name: Vahl (reference)
Species: Vale deer
Age: 3 young adult/teen for a Vale deer
Gender: female
Likes: eating
Dislikes: being injured,bears,trolls,wolves,sabre cats
Status: loner
Relationship: no mate but looking for mate

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Name: Sarandite
Species: Werewolf that turns into a normal wolf
Age:  1324 but looks 25 since werewolf
Likes: fighting,hunting, killing
Dislikes: bears,trolls
Relationship: looking for mate
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