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Name: Hunter
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Race: Wolf
Appearance: Maugrim's colours
Powers (not everyone has powers): None
Side: Witch/Queen's
Weapons: Claws and teeth
Bio: Joined the Secret Police aged 2

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Name: My name is Talon

Age: I'm a cub (about 3-4 in human years)

Gender: I'm male

Race: A lion (Talking Animal)

Appearance:  I'm slim and small. It helps when escaping out of tight spots. See the pictures below of me.

Powers (not everyone has powers) My powerful roar (when he manages it) that can stun enemies for a short period of time and my healing powers that can be used to heal others only. Unfortunately, I can't heal myself.

Side: My father's of course. (Aslan's)

Weapons: Do my claws, teeth and roar count?

Bio: I am Talon son of Aslan the great Lion, hear me roar! Attempts roar, but fails making a high-pitched meow Umm, that never happened! Okay? Anyway, my mother and father, I don't know really how, but umm, they had me, I don't get it at all, and dad left me and my mother to keep us safe as he had to go and raise an army for an upcoming war. A short time after that, mum and I were exploring the Great Forest when she, panicking, quickly hid me, telling me to stay very still and to not make a noise. She then ran away from the hiding spot and I heard growling and sword clashing. Next thing you know, I was being dragged out of the hiding spot by the scruff of my neck by a hideous faced troll who brought me back mother's dead body. The white witch had killed her and wanted to kill me, but instead, she set a trap with me being the centre of it. The evil witch brought me back to her ice palace and locked me up. The food was terrible so I decided to starve instead. Moving on, a few days later, she put me in the middle of her army next to her and when my father returned to save me, she and he battled with his own army. He was about to be killed but, out of nowhere I gave out a powerful roar that stopped the one who was going to kill him in their tracks. Turns out a some of my dad's powers passed onto me. Instantly, dad finished of that enemy and told me to run as it was not safe for me to be in the middle of the battle. Some members of his army made sure I got out okay and I never stopped running. I hope to return to my dad one day and to live with him and by his side to protect Narnia and its people/animals/creatures.
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I turn as I hear the sound

I'm walking around the gardens in Cair Paravel, admiring the day. I stop to look at some flowers and hear footsteps. I look up and see you walking to me

Does anyone want to rp with me?

i walk through the wardrobe my uncle gave me a few years back, i knew what awaited me, magical creatures, plants, and animals, i walk through and stop when i see you ((ask first))

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Name: Kallie Morgans
 *Age:* 16
Gender: Female
 *Race:*  Human/witch
Appearance:  down bellow
Powers shape-shifting, speed, agility
Side:  Aslan and the Narnians
 *Weapons:* sword
Bio: is the daughter of Aslan

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I don't think I do believe you...but I am pretty awesome.
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