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You cannot sell you farseer until you get it approved by me and the co owners (noon at moment)
You must ask to make a higher ranking farseer

If you try to make a high rank without permission you will receive a warning if you do it again you willbw banned

Name: farseers
Origins: created by the guardians of the after life from souls of lost ponies they float around looking for souls to gather.
Reason for life:burden with the job of guiding lost souls to the afterlife, this creatures appearance change depending on their rank, the lower ranks gathering the souls of the sinful and the highest ranks gathering the purest of souls.
Appearance: most far seer are pony like but bare souless eyes and holes in their side and chest and long thin legs but as time goes on they aquire small pockets of their memories and store them in the holes and sometimes develop wings and horns and their normal pony tail is replace with a cat like tail with a hard leather fin at the end containing more memories, the highest ranks are said to have three eyes and horns to carry large memories.

Common: basic pony with soul containers (the holes)
Dull colours mostly
Uncommon: can have horns and have a long cat like tail and fin, a memory core and wings on feet
Pastel colours are more common
Rare: crest horns, wings and a soul container on flank and fin. Extra eye and extra memories core
Bright colours are common
Ultra rare: extra wings and large crest,mutliple memory containers and memory cores
Most colours

They can have short manes...ones that dont cover the eyes and come to the start of neck


semi open
*can make common and uncommon freely once each*

(please no stealing them or making high ranks without permission or not being a co owner)
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