I miss hanging out with Gary!

Will there be another hangout soon?

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Gary's interview of Tani Cohen tonight was an enlightening exploration into the whirlwind life of a busy producer. It was very helpful to see how she focuses her attention and prioritizes.  Thanks to Bethan and Gary for letting us join the conversation!

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Following Gary's recommendations in the Master Class, I attended the Naples Film Festival to see what indie features and shorts are qualifying for entry. Talked to a producer, saw some high quality stories and performances for being low budget!

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Tom Schulman, screenwriter of Dead Poets Society, did a fascinating interview on Breaking Into Hollywood with +Gary W. Goldstein tonight, showing just how much the industry is changing for writers and everyone in the movie making business.  #Screenwriting #Hollywood

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I just watched the Breaking Into Hollywood interview with +Gary W. Goldstein  interviewing  +Jeanne Veillette Bowerman 
and got a fast energy recharge about screenwriting, staying engaged, and keeping those juices flowing! Looking forward to the followup interview about Twitter, pitchfests, and all the other goodies.  I love these Hangouts on Air!  What a great tool for this writing community!

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I just discovered the motherload for personalized help about G+ Hangouts (free!).  This is a G+ Community called User2User  run by some really experienced guys who make themselves available to answer any questions about using hangouts.  Every day from 2-3pm EST and 6-7pm EST they have live Hangouts where you can drop in and ask all the questions you want.  Any other time you can post questions on the User2User page and they will get back to you.  On the "About" section of this page (top right) they also have links to the best video tutorials about Hangout if you want overviews.  These guys are great!

BIH Master Class assignment:  Conversation Topics

In Module 1 of the Breaking Into Hollywood Master Course, Gary gives this assignment to Master Class members.  He first provides a “a short list of the sorts of specific things you can offer that other person to make each call a more generous, memorable, different sort of call than is typical.” Then he asks class members to come up with a list of 3-4 items of our own and post them on the community site. Here are my suggested topics:

1) Technology:
 Share ideas with a person you call about some new device, program, app, network, social media resource (like G+ hangouts)  that is specifically helpful to them for getting work or play done faster/easier/ better.  This is especially helpful if you have used the device/app/ whatever, you know how it works, and it doesn’t cost much. 

2)  Training: 
Technology is great, but learning how to use it is always the big challenge, so offering information about free classes or tutorials, or where to go to get easy-to-follow instructions is important if you are going to recommend technology.  If you have personal expertise, offering to help someone with a specific software issue, a device feature, convenient app might help anyone who hasn’t heard about it.  

3)  Social media help: 
If the person you talk to is trying to promote something (her video, blog, script, website, whatever) you can offer to promote it on your social media links like FaceBook ,LinkedIn, Stage 32, Twitter, Google +, whatever media that person values.  You can also advise them about communities on Google + in an area she is interested in (niche music fan clubs, car clubs, support groups)

4)  Local film festivals: 
If you go to any local film festivals in your area (there is probably one in every medium sized city) you can tell her about what you saw at recent festivals – the film stories, the level of activity and attendance, the quality of one festival vs another, the kind of people in attendance, anything that that person you are calling didn’t see because she doesn’t get to many small town film festivals and doesn’t know what they are like.

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Ronnie Bincer, the Google+ Hangout Helper expert, gave me this link to the new Hangout Help page.  I am sharing it with everyone in the Breaking Into Hollywood group so you all can learn more about the G+ HangOuts.  Hangouts are really valuable, but complicated, so if you need help, check out Ronnie Bincer's page at https://plus.google.com/u/0/+RonnieBincer/posts
or Michael Burwell's page at https://plus.google.com/u/0/113104770698159741574/posts.  Here is the link to the HangOuts Help page:

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The Marilyn Horowitz interview last night provided some very helpful guidance on who to have read your script before marketing it. She has a "let-it-all-out" approach to writing your first draft, so I went to her YouTube channel and listened to her video interview about her book "The Four Magic Questions" which explains her method of structure in a little more detail.  Check it out. Thanks so much, Marilyn!
Marilyn Horowitz - The Four Magic Questions of Screenwriting
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