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Name: Mythical magic
Race: Changling Pegasus
Age: classified
Gender: mare
Likes: chaos,fire,night
Looks like: she's a cyan coloured pony with a rainbow main with golden tips and a tail which looks like fire she is also shorter than everypony
Bio: all I remember is my dad is a Changling hence my wings,horn and Changling abilities and my mother a Pegasus hence my normal pony body
Cutie mark: shown below (it's a aura)

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Weapon:scythe/curved blade
Likes: a challenge,dark magic, the night
Dislikes:weak people,cheaters,and unfair duels
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Name: Radiation

Age: 22

Gender: Mare

Race: Pegasus

Occupation: Military, Royal Task Force

Home: Ponyvile

Cutie Mark: Radioactive symbol.
Hair Color: Neon Green

Coat color: Midnight Black

Eye color: Light Green

Bio: Radiation had been an orphan from the very start, she lived on the streets to raising bits to get by and soon had enough to get something she has always wanted, gun powder. She didn't want to do anything bad but the though of making big BOOMS fascinated her. That was how she got her cutie mark, a big boom. By accident of course. Later in her life around the age of 15, she was pulled into a draft for a small war they were having and she was trained shortly in order to at least be battle ready but for some reason she was chosen for the task force, she wasn't even trying. Although it wasn't much she began training to be an elite soldier to carry out direct missions from The princesses themselves. Half way through their training thought the base was attacked by the enemy. It was like nothing she had ever seen before bodies were already littering the floors. After the battle the continued the was, Radiation worked her way up in her squad, Squad Red Alpha, soon getting the position of lieutenant. Apparently this was what she was made for and stayed there have already served for 7 years at most.  

Randomly walks *in* the middle of EverFree forest. Tries to found something useful

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name: Sofy Mactavish
age :20
gender: mare
like: kind ponies, her rifle , kitties
dislike: bad and annoying ponies

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Name: Patriot Mactavish Dash
age : 20
(stallion ) (pegasus )

jobs : policepony/military

like: talk, shoot objects at firing range , his barret cal.50 "Betty"

personality: difensive

his cutie mark is a symbol with a writing : "protect and serve" with a sniper rifle and a desert eagle crossed

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+Gale Storm and I have the same sign up.

Name: Grey Falcon, The Stormer
Age: N/A
Gender: N/A, specified as male
Type: Grey Cloud of Smoke, sentient, Alicorn
Likes: Killing, killing bionics, The Hunter, guns
Dislikes: Any bionic/cybernetic organism, being demanded, lesser beings
Status: A grey cloud of smoke, able to think, and do everything an organism does, and is invincible, with near to no limits of power.
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hi, im midnight black and my special talent is controlling,making,and manipulating fire.i'm 100,bisexual,Queen of the not equestria area,a mare,and obviously an cutie mark is lots and lots of fire. no one knows me because i keep to myself. don't cross me or you'll end up in a pit of fire. i have my own castle far into the everfree,so feel free to stay away unless you're delivering the next daring do. also, don't talk about your siblings near me. my sister,morning dew, died recently, and i am highly volatile when upset.also, my parents died of a black virus that turns a pony completely black with their eyes white. then morning dew got it. there is no cure.   my sister is not an alicorn because she is adopted, if you are wondering. im kinda like discord,and chaos is awesome!  its just so funny how pony scwabble and argue over nothing.
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