Hi All! Wei He is also a moderator now and should be able to approve any new members. Thank you!

Hi All! I haven't been active here because life has been a hot mess for about a year and I had to take a leave from college. I need volunteers to be Moderators of the group so that when someone wants to join, it can be taken care of. Thanks!

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Looking for Love(joy) in all the wrong places? Here's a chart! Get your binoculars out and have a gander at this wandering comet tonight. Weather not good? you still have time until the first of February.

As Ramblin Wrecks, we should know this: can you tell me who George P. Burdell is? Is he enrolled this semester and if so, in what?

If anyone has nice pics they would like to share of NE Florida, SE Georgia, please do so! That may become our cover photo. Thanks!

Has anyone taken 6505 and if so can you help me with the first homework?

So how is everyone holding up? Everyone get into the classes they wanted/needed? What are your thoughts on your classes so far?

So just listened to the first lesson of CS 6505....mind blown

So I'm in Jacksonville, FL. Is there anyone else in Jax?

What did you all have to do to get accepted into the main OMSCS Community? I have requested numerous times to join and haven't been accepted yet. I would love to be able to post and comment in there.
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