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gets back from a mission

wanders back to Twilight Town to practice light magic (open RP)

Bursts in I have a huge problem, and I dunno what to do... 

trying to fix my room after it was destroyed, to no avail, when you come in (open RP)

practicing and reading about light magic in my room, trying out the spell Spark Okay, work with me here... inhales LIGHT!! the rings successfully appear, but much of my room is destroyed in the process Oookaaay... I'm not doing that in here again. (open RP)

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Name - Stryder Silverfang
Age - unknown
Species - demon vampire, Angel, human
Hair color - white
Eye color - red
Likes - people, darkness, protecting friends, night time
Dislikes - bright lights, hurting friends, sunlight
Habits - changing my appearance
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sits atop the twilight town clock tower, staring out to the horizon, then pulls down coat enough to make the heartless emblem visible while looking at it (open RP)

*sits down bruised and cut * (open RP)

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Name: Dave Strider
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Weapon: Legendary Sword
Bio:Not sharing
Moves: Abscond: Flees from
Battle Aggrieve: Does a series of cuts, Assail: Does a powerful front flip and slices through target, Abstain: Defends from an attack
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((It's 3:21 for me, so let's gooooooooooooooooo.))
Simen: grins at the four people assembled before him, Alec, Jerix, Andrew and Sora. I thought there were six of us. I'm going to explain some stuff that he or she needs to hear. I'll explain later. Today we've brought you here so that you that you can help me with a... project. A few years ago, I escaped from an illegal testing facility. I left 6 children behind. This is the rescue mission. I need to know that I can trust you all. If these children haven't been killed or broken in the experiments, we save them. Otherwise we kill them and wreck the place. Okay?

((Open, up to a point. Ask first. +Reji fuller, +Alec The twilight knight, +Andrew the keyblade wielder, +Sora Hyrule XLV +cheshire reaper))
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