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This is the rules on the community

1.No spamming posts
2.Be kind and no insults or you will get a ban or get demoted
3.have fun :D

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Hay everyone I'm here.... Ok by

I'm going to do drawing requests of fursona's here

2.Drinking soda or coffee
3.ASCII Art (batch file animation)
4.Listening to Music
5.Playing video games

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Abstract artwork I made of Blake

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Name: Blake
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Character Info: Blake is a hacker and a malware creator, he knows ten programming languages (html, Batch, VBScript, JavaScript, Java, Python, VB NET, Autoit, C#, and AutoHotKey) Blake is very creative and inventive when he is programming software., although he is aggressive alot, he can be friendly sometimes.
Personality: Creative, Inventive, Kind, Intelligent, bad tempered

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