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Announcement to my precious dragons!

Please don't post something not related to How To Train Your Dragon, don't swear and don't spam! If you brake this rule...... Well I'm going to blast ice to you :) 

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Hi im new X3

There is my only Ice Type Dragon :'v

Name: Kio
Species: Snow Wraith
Mate: no

Thats all hope we can be friends ^^

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Hi, I am new.

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Yar a jerk Samgladiator
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SELFIE! (Me and my trainer, Samgladiator)

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name: Dashingstar
nicknames: Dashy, Dash, Star
species: night fury
age: 20
gender: female
mate: looking (ask)
crush: toothless
babys: none (ask)
home: looking
personality: nice, kind, agressive, protective
mother: unknown (ask)
father: unknown (ask)
brother(s): unknown (ask)
sister(s): unknown (ask)
glow color: light blue
tamed: no
rider: none
dangerous: yes (to humans) no (to dragons)
bio: when she was a baby she wonder off and she lost her family and found out how to hunt and live by herself
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Its of your own SoD u know hiccup and i owner of SoD and its company
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