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Me and my friend seen this guy many times so if u see this guy share your story

No lying tell the truth plz

So we were just leaving my grandma's for thanksgiving when my mom suddenly stopped the car I asked what happened... And she said she saw a shadowy figure walking past and thought it was a person... Odd

Welp I'm dead

Is the shadow man a creepy pasta ┐(゚д゚┐)

Alright here's what happened to me....

I was lying in bed crying (Don't ask) and I saw The Shadow Man outside of my window... I looked away and back again but he was gone, like he was never there....

I see him alot now and I mean alot. Mostly at night, but I have a feeling he's always watching me......

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Thanks for invite me

Thnx for the invate

There's this storm drain near my house that me and some locals always fuck about inside and on several occasions, I've seen a shadowy figure
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