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I’m looking at making my own Flemish twist strings, as the paracord is seriously not cutting it. After browsing these posts for hours, I’ve learned a fair bit, but I’m still curious about a couple things.
Where did you Australians get your B50 Dacron?? The cheapest I can find 1/8 spools is for about $20 each (without shipping), and since I’m gonna need a couple, that seems kind of expensive to me. Is that an average price??
I’m looking at using about 14 strands and gonna find some fishing line or whatever for serving.

Also, what kind of string do you use to disguise the siyah-limb and handle wrap-limb transitions??

Has anyone here ever made a successful horse and/or long bow with the 2ft pre cut sections of PVC pipe at Home Depot?

Basically I've been on holiday in the US over the past two weeks (I live internationally) and so being the archery nerd that I am I of course brought some Schedule 40 PVC back with me in my suitcase (I've been waiting years to get my hands on some, I've had to make do with layering thin walled pipe). However, obviously as it is a suitcase, space was limited, so I was only able to bring back several 2ft pieces of 1" and 3/4" pipe, as well as some pipe connectors (which I wasn't sure if I would need).

Does anyone have any advice on making either a longbow or a horse bow in this way? I'm not sure the best way to connect them securely (not necessarily looking for a takedown bow) as well as the best way to shape and flatten the pieces in multiple parts to create a consistent taper.

I have
4 x 1"x2ft pipe
3 x 3/4"x2ft pipe
2 x 1" pipe connector
2 x 3/4" pipe connector
Also 3 x 3/4" pipe running traps that I thought might be useful.


P.s. You guys in the US don't realise how lucky you are that you have schedule 40 readily available 😁

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Well, after several months, my best and favourite bow broke. =[ It was still made with oldish pipe, though. That was the last of it. As it was, it lasted longer than I thought and probably had about 700 arrows through it in that time (I'm terrible at keeping arrow count).
I'm assuming the cause of the break was due to the old pipe and not my handle this time (although it did break in almost the same place as the last one, which was interesting). What do you guys think? Does the handle look like a good shape, or is it too thin/round still?? I'm going to look around and try get some new pipe. They sell the new stuff in 1 metre sections, but I'm gonna need it a bit longer than that! =P
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Hallo again, guys!

So, over the holidays I was pretty busy. For starters, me and my sister decided to experiment with the orange electrical conduit and make a bow each from that. Hers is the black and orange one, mine is the blue one. We used 32mm conduit and didn't sleeve it. Surprisingly, they're still alive and are holding up well (they're hard on our arms, though - especially hers. It's really hard on the fingers and arm muscles. I think it's because she didn't flatten it as much as I did and it's a little bumpy, but hey. It was her first go. I think she did pretty good!!). We'll see how long they last ..
We also made some more dowel and duct tape arrows to go with our bows - the red and yellow ones are my sisters and the blue and white ones are mine. The black and white ones are our refurbished old ones. =P

Then, as we had 3 bows (this was before my poor white one broke =[ ), I had been trying to figure out how to store them, and so after lots of thinking and planning (and sanding - yikes, my arm nearly fell off), this bow stand came into existence. It's made from 25mm PVC, and it can be used for up to 8 bows. I only need the bottom half for now, so I use the short version, but I used a couple of my Nerf guns for demonstration purposes (the backgrounds are blanked out because I couldn't get a good picture without my family members being in the background and they didn't want me to show them!).

Finally, I made an arrow bag for my arrows, which I can wear on my back or pinned to my belt loop. It lives on the side of the bow stand. I've since put an arrow separator in (made by cutting holes in a silicon oven pad, since I couldn't get my hands on leather), but I'm hoping to replace it with leather in the future.

So there! Now you see what I've been up to. =]
(RIP, poor Bow #2)
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So I've been practising my bow decorating skills, after haven three bows fail on me... and not only did I finish my third bow, I also think I found a combination of shoe polish and paint that works like a charm. Although it does take an ungodly amount of time to paint it. What do you guys think? Any tips on painting for me?

If anyone's interested in the measurements, I'll post them when I get back from work.
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Here is my newest bow, the main bow is 38" long and the smaller is 34", it starts to stack at 20" but at 28" it pulls 75lbs
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Hi everyone, I came across an idea and was wondering if anyone has ever tried it. I was thinking about Lonnie Lister's reinforced 1/2" pipe bow and was considering increasing the draw weight by putting a 3/4" pipe around it. Do you guys suppose it would increase efficiency or decrease it and possibly slow down the limbs? What if I only place the 3/4" pipe on only two 3rds of the bow and left the tips alone to decrese limb weight. Thoughts and considerations are appreciated.

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I picked up a PVC bow press from Peter Storey's website

I am very happy with the awesome bows it has produced! I made a whole bunch for an archery tag war for my bachelor party. It was awesome, everyone was very impressed with the bows they got to play with! I made primarily 25-30 pound bows out of 3/4 inch pipe.

Thanks Peter!
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Well i've read through Nick's book "simple pvc bows" and I managed to get my first decently shooting bow made! It used the same pipe as the earlier one but the limbs are a bit thicker to give it more power.
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