So many emails, sorry I missed this one. I am anxious to share, meet and greet.

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Good Day, New Week!

Quick reminder that tomorrow is the kickoff for our group coaching session...  If you're ready to step forward, go to the website for more information, 

You have everything you need right now, to step forward and make this your best year!

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Heartfelt thanks to the members of this community! +Rob Clinton and I are grateful to have you here. 

If you haven't listened to the free three-part Break the Broken Record series, I encourage you to enjoy them via:   

Also, if you know are ready to break that broken record once and for all, check out the program that Rob and I have created for you: . The journey starts this Tuesday (March 5th), so take a peek as soon as you can! 

God's abundant blessings to all on your purposeful pathways to 180-degree transformation! 

With the proper game plan, there’s plenty of hope to do all of what you want to do.’ You can have your cake and eat it too!

You don’t have to sacrifice your dreams; you just have to be willing to make sacrifices to achieve your dreams…

You may have heard Charles Tremendous Jones, when he said, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

So what do you think I do…?

I meet people and connect with people that inspire and motivate my growth, and I intentionally study the kinds of things that propel my growth.

Another great follow-up to that quote is by Jim Rohn when he said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

What people are you intentional about putting in your circle?

Do you want certain goals but are too overwhelmed to begin? Maybe your perceived tasks are too monumental, or you’re looking at too broad a picture. To think big you have to be willing to think small sometimes… What one little thing can you accomplish today, to move you forward?

Are goals really hard to define, or is it because we're waiting too long for answers to show-up....

Here's the seemingly most challenging question, but often times the answer is so simple and right under our nose is, “What is the world looking for that you have and are willing to offer?”

Many times our calling and the passions that serve that calling are discovered in service to others… 

One of the biggest things that you can take from a roller coaster ride is how we anticipate the drop.

Our anticipation works in the same fashion all the way around the block and it seems that no matter what we experience in our world it’s the part of our life that determines how awesome that drop is actually going to be!

What is it in your world that would be an awesome drop if you could pull this off no matter how tough the climb?

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March 5th is almost here! Get on board while you can…  

Join us for a life transforming program as we make this year the Year we Break the Broken Record into an extraordinary season!

James Belasco in the book, “Coaching for Leadership” tells us, “A productive coaching relationship begins with two people with fires in their bellies: one who wants desperately to move forward and another who yearns to help that person make the journey.”

Can you imagine having 2 coaches working together who yearn to help you make the journey?

Let’s come together and make this year simply awesome! 

The need for immediate gratification was never the mark of real winners in our history. Many of us say we want to experience the roller coaster drop of our life, but we’re not willing to make that long anticipated climb. The scare of such a climb is too scary to think about and thus we abort, or play it safe…

Share with us experiences that led you to feel that gratification could not come soon enough but you were willing to stick it out and see this through… Would love to here all about how you did it! Give us hope that our suffering or sacrificing means something much more than what we feel while we’re in the thick of it. 

Help us Break the Broken the Record!
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