it's a oddly quiet and peaceful afternoon and you are trotting near the edge of the everfree forest, the sound of silence is then broken when you hear a small chirp, after a moment you hear the chirp again. You can tell it's coming from somewhere past the treeline of the everfree, you think I might be a bat pony so you... (ask first, no one word responses please)

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Name hiya! I'm Ajana!

Age uhmmm, I think about fourteen?

Gender I'm a made of course!

Sexuality well, I like both I guess

Crush w-well... Erm.... Okay, fine... Its +Light Wing​...

Relationship well.. Me and Light are kinda being a thing...

Talent I'm de feshtish flier in all da eqwustria! Nah, I'm kidding. Honestly, I don't know what my talent is. I can take care of bats and such but, never really got my cutie mark from that so...

Relatives my brother is the only living relative I have left...

Bio well, let's start from when I was a pup. I loved to leave my cave a lot because there was so much to explore in the Everfree. Its how I met Squeaks once. I'll get to the later. Anyways, this one trip I made was when I strayed further away from my cave than usual. I met these ponies and they put this collar on me. I liked it and kept it on. I've seen them from time to time and they seem really interested in how I do things and where I go. Then I met Squeaks! He such the perfect companion and friend! I ended up living with him in his family cave and helping all of them with food hunts and such. Well, I hope you know enough about me to wanna be friends! See you again soon!
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(My ponysona's not a bat pone, so I'll just sign up with my mane bat pone pfff)

NAME: Midnight Shine

AGE: 19

GENDER: Female

SEXUALITY: Grey-aromantic asexual

RACE: bat/pegasus pony

CRUSH/MATE: She has a huge crush on somepony, but will never admit it.


TALENT: Writing poems


BIO: She's not willing to share
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Mmmmm... I really want to keep this community going.. If y'all could share, I'd be really happy for that! Moderator sign ups will be open due to the disappearance of some moderators/ inactive users.

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Name: lightwing
Age: 19 (irl 14 turning 15)
Cutie mark: resembles the bat wing the light of hope and the japanese symbol of light
Race:half batpony half vampony
Fact: being only half vampony most vampony weaknesses have no effect on him
Bio:a prince from an unknown kingdom likes both day and night but can only stay awake for 42 hours
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Location: the everfree forest, Equestria
Time of day: midnight

you are a wild bat pony living in the everfree, one day you smell the scent of pegasus blood in the air and decide to go searching for the source. Following the smell you find a pegasus mare lying on the forest floor, she looks to be weak and injured so you... (ask please first, and say weather or not you want a pp)

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I shy

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(Just made this oc yesterday and am working on having more art of her)
Name: Dark Fang

Nickname: Spike (cause of her spiky hair and that's what she likes to be called)

Age: 18

Gender: female

Sexuality: Straight

Species: bat pony (not fruit bat)

Cutie mark: a vampire fang, colored similar to my tail.
Meaning: I've never figured out what it means, but I hope to find out soon.
Talent: Well, I don't really know exaclty. See, my cutie mark appeared one night when I was practicing my fighting skills and my tail got put in this weird light for a second before I got out of the way of it. (which is what's with the difference in her tail). I hope someone can help me with what this all means.

Crush: None (the other pony in the blue backgrounded photo is another one I made at the same time as her, I'm not going to use him since he's not a bat pony and I have yet to figure out info for him anyway)
Relationship: None

Likes: I would like to have some friends...
Dislikes: Ponies being afraid of me, hunters.

Relatives: None

Bio: I am not one of Luna's guards, but I am a warrior for her when she needs an army. Not including school I have a lot of free time since she doesn't have her army do a lot. When I am walking around in the daylight I have a cloak. Most ponies I see are afraid I'm going to hurt them, but just because I look mean doesn't mean I am. I hope I can make some friends.
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I can wanna be she please
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