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Let's face it - we work for clients because we want to make a living off our skills. We don't offer our services unless people are willing to pony up cash for the work we put in.
It's that simple.

Even then, you know there's always another way to earn money aside from toiling away hours in front of your computer working projects for your clients.

As a freelance writer, writing for clients get the best of me. It's something I have to do but not what I want at the moment. I still love writing, but I'd rather write because I am compelled to.

These past few months, I've been dabbling on different ways on how to make money without writing or doing the heavy lifting. I have documented some of those ways in this post:

In the post, I covered my current experiences in affiliate marketing. To report, I have been passively earning a whopping $1.8/month from sales I made with MissingLettr, a social media tool. The commission isn't much, but it's a start! Below is a screenshot of my earnings.

How about you - what are your other sources of income? :)

Hello,I am a newbie and I am still learning all about freelancing,just have my google account,my first tine here,I hope I can be one of you:)

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If you already have a freelance portfolio website, make sure that you include the things featured in this post to get more clients.

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We are looking for Filipino Freelancers. 
We will find you a position that:

>Lets you work from home or from one of our offices.
>Challenges you to the limits of your abilities.
>Gives you access to tools and resources to grow.
>Lets you work with fun, energetic and talented people.

Check out the link below
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