With something sacred. The human body is sacred.

Frontal nudity is allowed according to the decision of the group members.
- Group members can only be from the age of 14 and over ..
- The members of the group are not obligated to be gay or part of the LGBT community.
- Pornography (in pictures / videos) is permitted by any decision, feeling or need of one or more members of the group.
- The members of the group do not have to pay in any way for anything. ** Except with pre-specified (sites not directly related to the community)
- Every member of the community is invited to upload / share / write what he wants and what he wants in any language he wants according to his personal feeling.
** This community espouses collaboration with everyone and the fear of talking / sharing with others ..
** Every member of the community undertakes / is obligated to keep confidential what goes on in the community and is even invited to invite his friends to join / join them.
- Do not download / share / send images / media sent in this group without the consent of the person who sent the same file
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