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This is the first template for a character creation project that we want to support!




Look description:


Use this template to create characters of your own and post in the characters section of the community. If your lucky or intuitive enough with how you present your character, we may add your character to our comics! We will host a character selection each week and announce the winners but be known that there won't always be winners.

Thanks ~ DEMON

Development still underway 😔

Non spoiler updates will be provided eventually

Right now we are planing out the first comics and we have decided that the main project will be set aside so when it is released it will have better development.

Our focus has switched to a fun side comic by the name of B.O.T.M updates will be provided eventually.

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Introducing Velocity //first concept//


Sorry for no recent updates yet again. Sigh but I do have a small bit of news! We are now jotting down all our content we have created to get ready to make the first comic! We have only kept characters for now but soon we will record both dossiers on characters and a structured timeline that will plot out all events.

With that we are getting ever closer to the first comic! Good luck all, and thank you.

No updates as of late still doing character sketches and character development. We are a long way from the first issue. 😖

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This is the DNA comics Google+ community! here we will constantly post updates on our progress to make the DNA comics company! we will post new comics for you to view and character developments we may even post story elements for you to get a feel for!


To anyone new to this community know that this is a progressive community and we are not going to post things very often when we do it will mostly be about character looks powers, ect. nothing too revealing about the story. and updates on how creating the comics is coming along. however when we publish our first comic we will post it on here for all to see!
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