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welcome to the Anime Kinky Lesbians Rp commuinity. I am your host your waifu pillow

you do not need a profile to rp. profile are mostly if your rping as strictly one character.

you need to respect the mods and owners. the mods and owners take their time to be here to run this community. you need to show respect towards them so don't argue with them.
Whatever a mod says goes. If a mod says to do something, you do it.

you need to be kind to everyone here. if you bully anyone you will be blocked, ban, and reported. you need to treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Please do not start shit on people posts, don't be rude to anyone.

anime nudes are allowed in this community as long as it's not:
or any other nasty kink

respect that some girls do not want to rp with you guys. so do not get offended by it. yes guys rp as girls and that is allowed here. but when you make an rp post please put that your a guy rping as a girl so everyone knows.i will be making a section strictly for guys who rp as girls.

also speaking of genders.
transgender is allowed here. transgender will have your own section for rp as well.
You can be a boy but you have to be a boy who gender us female and gone through the process to be a girl. You can still have a dick but everything else has to be female.
And you can be a girl who identifies as a boy but have a female body and not gone through. Process yet.

posts must be put in correction sections,if not then it will be removed. please refrain from posting anything that can be insulting to others.
Thus is a rp community, not a dating community. Please don't post things saying your looking for a gf or anything related.
Don't screenshot pics here then repost them here, that would ve considered double posting as it's already here. Don't repost pics that are already in this community unless it's for rp only.

bo spam posts such as "first to comment"

Do not reshare people's roleplays from this community.
Community and collection advertisement is not allowed along with advertisement of social media, posts, and anything else.

feel free to use text talk. this is a English only community. but you may use some words in other languages but only a few,your post must be 90% English is going to use another language.

bullying is not tolerated here at all. DO NOT bully anyone. any sign of bullying and you will be auto banned. If your being bullied please tag a mod or owner,do not engage.

you may not god mod. please do not act like a mod. the mods will take care of everything. its the peoples fault for not reading the rules, so don't remind them.

As this is a lesbian community, no boy characters allowed. All rp here must be lesbian, futa, or trans. No boys at all unless ur a boy turned into a girl.

No controlling people's characters

No god-modding
No stealing starters or rps
You may use same pics other use
No roleplays may have guy characters in it unless u were born as a guy and u identify as a girl and went through the procedure to be a girl.

Please don't ask people in comments of they wanna RP on a post they didn't make. It isn't fair to the person who made the post.
Rape is allowed to a certain point.
If u want a rape rp please give me the starter and how the rape would work before u post it. When u do post it please make sure to put on top of it that it involves rape and if ur not comfortable with rape then don't ask to RP it.


[spam catcher]
Post here, get removed
It catches spammers since they usually post in first section and spams it

[announcements, special events (mods and owners only zone)]

All announcements and community events will be here along with updates and other stuff
All casual talk goes here n other stuff like every community.
All character profiles go here. Profiles are mostly for when ur strictly rping as one character in this community
[lesbian rp]
For all lesbian rp. You can only post here if your a girl in real life. And all characters must have a pussy only.
Tentacles, futa, etc will go in the mystic lesbian RP section

[mystic lesbian rp]
This section is for when you have non human body parts such as tentacles, slime, and former when your a futa.
You have to be a girl in rl to post here.

[guys who rp as girls RP section]
If your s guy in rl then all your rps will go here.

[lesbian pics/gifs (fully clothed)]
For all lesbian pics where all characters are fully clothed

[ecchi lesbian pics/gifs]
All pics where characters are revealing some cleavage, wearing bra and panties, is named but is covering them self with towels, blankets, etc belong here.
[hentai pics/gifs ]
Fully naked pics go here.

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Thanks sooo much for the invite!!!!馃槈 winks

Honestly... I am kind of bored..~ would anyone want to rp with me?~

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Name: Tohru Michaelis
Age: 19
Species: Neko
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: food, to be pet or have hair stroked, love and affection (cuddles)
Dislikes: Rude ass people
Hobbies: Reading books, listening to music and coloring
Personality: Happy and bubbly, all over the place emotions, random bursts of energy
Height: 5 ft!
weight: 150 pounds
bust size/ bra size: 32 G cup
Turns off: being lied to..

Bio?: I guess I have been searching for a special someone I can be with.. I want to be happy again and start new again, no more bullshit people ruining my life honestly. I want someone to give me love and affection, or maybe more than that if the want~ heh~ Then again sometimes I also want a master...~

French kissing
Licking/biting neck or ears
Boob/croth rubbing
etc. (dunno what else)
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Thanks for accepting me!

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Name: Tamamo no Mae
Age: 18
Species: Kitsune
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: Love and affection, Petting
Dislikes: Bullies, people who abuse her
Hobbies: Cooking, cleaning, etc
Personality: Happy, A little whiny, Jumpy
Height: 163cm
Weight: 49 kgs
Bust size: 86 G cup
Turn offs: when she is angry, she鈥檒l just attack you, so give her a little space, and she鈥檒l be lovable again

Bio: Tamamo is really whiny, But she is he sweetest girl you鈥檝e ever seen. She will pleasure you if you wish to. She will give you all her love and affection. Treat her bad and she will ignore her for the rest of her life. If you apologize, she鈥檒l maybe forgive you

She is very sensitive
Biting her neck
Breathing on her neck
Biting her ear
Playing with her tail
Petting her ears
Licking Anywhere
Boob rubbing
Thigh rubbing
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I am a rental mommy, someone who takes care of you for a limited membership, for a month, it would be $5, for a year, that gets bumped up to $50, for the rest of your life however, that'll be $250, we were different from normal humans, we were scientifically made to live forever, so even if someone dies, we keep living to tend to people needs, me I was different from most rent a mommy, I was a futa mommy, meaning I had a huge cock, 9 inches to be exact, I gotten chosen for life so I was shipped over to your house is a weeks time, I happily knock on your door, then you...

(I am a male playing the futa rent a mommy, i need a sub girl who wouldn't mind a male playing a female, hangouts or Kik please, thank you).
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Luna is a good girl and will do anything for her MISTRESS and loves to be punished by her

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Luna loves to be punished and loves to make her mistress happy and loves to have lots of fun

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Luna is a good girl and will do anything for her MISTRESS happy she wants a rough mistress but kind and sweet at the same time
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