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Jai baba
Mount Abu

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Avatar Meher Baba
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Dusanka Polic 2015.

This just in from Betty:

We will gather next Sunday October 25, 2 PM at Meher Rest, Ron and Miriam's home, for our usual last-sunday of the Month Arti. Hope to see you there!
14405 SE Ellis St. Portland OR     503-706-8124 

ALSO:  We had a heartfelt New Life meeting there last Sunday. About 15-16 people showed up. Very nice, with special sharing, readings and poetry.

 Save the dates!  We decided on dates for future events. They are as follows,  details to come:

Sunday December 20, Christmas Party at Marnie's 

Saturday January 9 - God Speaks all-day reading at Ron and Miriam's

Jai Baba!

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Poetry ons-stage read by Miriam Rose during the Sahavas gathering last weekend.  A sweet and full time was had by about 45 of us at Rose Woods Meher Rest in Portland, Oregon.  Meher Baba's Love filled our hearts and Linda's food filled our stomachs!

Coming events for the Oregon Group:

Last Sunday Arti Meeting,  2 pm August 30 at Rose Woods Meher Rest

Dr. Ward Parks' Public talk "Reincarnation", 7 pm Sept. 2 at New Renaissance Book Store, NW Portland

Dr. Ward Parks' Discourses weekend workshop, 5-7 Sept. Rose Woods

Last night on Wednesday the 12th we lit a dhuni.  Music and sharing were lovely!  About 10 people sat around the fire until the stars shown down on us. Come out to Rose Woods every 12th for a dhuni time together.
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