Starting a new server you guys want to join

What mods, if any, do ya'll use?
We currently have Dr. Zhak's Custom spawner, Dr. Zhark's Mo creatures, HerobrineMod, Minecraft comes alive, and Traincraft. With LB Photo realism x256 texture/resource pack.
Loaded with forge x.x.x.919 on mc 1.6.4

I am going to decomm the server.  Not sure what is up but the server is starting to exceed my free allotment of time.  I will be more than happy to provide the files to anyone that wants them. Tagging everyone so you see it. +Daniel Bellah +Daniel Rodriguez   +Larry Rodgers +Ricardo Farias 

Please respond if you are interested in the files

When does everyone get on? And is the server still the same?

you need to build the Alamo in minecraft to have as the photo :p
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