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Name: Anti Panda
Age: 10
Bio: Once a cloud but reborn as the strongest evil in the Infiverse
Powers: Magic and full controlled of Taijutsu and Genjutsu
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Weapons: Anti-Weapons
Skills: millions
Race: Anti- clones
Blood type: Demon C
Special moves: chaos to Aleph-naught, bloody shatter, Sand Coffin Jutsu, Funeral Sand Implosion Jutsu, Water Cage Jutsu, Grand Fireball Jutsu

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Anti panda: is fighting his rival Alexander the 50th time fighting this guy! Magic and curses he shall repel due to magic, I have to find more power... uses Magic "Chaos Of The Helpless" Even Sam survived the curse I gave him...

Hi I'm new
Name: Naomi
Age: 300 I can possess everyone and anything.. I can do anything to the universe name it I can do it I am a weapon and a demon I'm sometimes classed as a 'witch'...I am extremely powerful but I am reliable!
So hello I hope that staying in this community is a good expirence! Thankyou

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walks in and falls s-sorry ehe

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Animated Photo

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Name: Kurosa Gorgon
Age: 15
Gender: Female 
Personality: quiet, shy, strong willed, serious
Likes: Listening to HEAVY METAL, Rock, Oprah, and Gospel 
Dislikes: people who judge
powers: similar to Crona
weapons: wields a katana, and her weapon is a sword that is covered in chains that can act like a chainsaw is someone grabs the flat of her blade.
skills: cooking, fighting and spying
blood type: black blood

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Anyone one want to train with me?

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innocent look 

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I um, I'm dropping off some food that I made this morning. 
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