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Title of Event: Red Devistation.
It had been 2 years since Kariah Kent had become the Red Queen. When she was first bonded with the ring it made her forget everything before that, all that she remembered was her first name and how to use her abilities. The being that had been within the ring wanted to make sure that the Red Lantern core could come back and bring their brand of justice back to the universe, however there was a very big problem in it's way. The people of Earth specifically the Kryptonians of Earth. Super-Man had come to Ysmault to talk with Kariah, and he almost convinced Kariah to take off the ring which would completely destroy the beings plans. So instead of letting her go through with it the being took full control and forced Super-Man off planet. With the planet itself running out of time and the power batter at the planet's core running low on energy they hatched a scheme. To not only eliminate the ones who stand in the way of the Lantern corps growth, but to also give the Red Lanterns a new home. With the planet itself all ready in the past being able to support the rage seed it could also support the core. The ring, using the host of Kariah, brought together a large army of Red Lanterns to invade Earth and create a new home for the Red Lanterns. Now with her army prepared and headed straight for Earth will the heroes of Earth defeat the Red Lantern army, or will they face Red devastation.
(Is this good enough for the event?)
+Panther Man​​​
+Cade Nelson
+Purple Pathfinder​​​
+Jordan Johnson​​​
+the Y2J Guy -

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Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Dr. Doofenshmirtz



Unnamed Parents

{Birth Place}
The Village of Gimmelshtump, in the country of Drusselstein.


[Combat Information]

Various weapons of his own design left in his tower over the years.

Much like Phineas and Ferb, Doofenshmirtz can make revolutionary technology, in less than a day. Some of his inventions are even stated to surpass theirs.

He seems to be knowledgeable in all forms of science, such as engineering, chemistry, biology, quantum physics, and even construction. He was also able to make a working "re-good-inator" out of cannibalized parts from an O.W.C.A jet and some broken robots. He was even able to formulate a proper antidote to turn one of Vanessa's friends (Johnny, who has become a mutant) back to normal.

Doofenshmirtz physical skills are more lacking, he's constantly shown to be physically weak, but is incredibly durable, able to survive events that should kill a man, on a regular basis. One example was when he actually fell off his building in and somehow survived as he made his way back up using the elevator. He also has incredible upperbody dexterity.


[Personal Information]

Solo Scientist

{Base Of Operations}
Doofenshmirtz's Evil Incorporated Building

O.W.C.A Agent

Talented Scientist, Genius, Construction Worker

Overprotective, Faulty Mechanic

Doofenshmirtz suffered through a comically exaggerated neglectful, even abusive, claimed terrible childhood that left him scarred for the rest of his life. His parents were mentally abusive and ignored him, briefly disowned him, forced him to wear dresses or act as a lawn gnome, and frequently restricted him from doing even the smallest things. He also had to deal with many bullies, had no real friends, except for a balloon with a face painted on it, had issues with his body (a high squeaky voice and inability to grow facial hair), and generally failed embarrassingly at nearly everything he attempted. (The exceptions being cup stacking and, for a short time, shadow puppetry). His record in romance was equally dismal and almost always ended up with him being broken-hearted. Because of this, he built a robot to destroy love, which landed in the hands of Phineas and Ferb. Somehow he managed to woo and win the hand of Charlene and had one daughter with her before it fell apart and they divorced. Due to the cumulative weight of all these hardships he turned to evil and constantly attempts to seek vaguely directed vengeance with odd items he purchased off the Internet.

In Last Day of Summer, upon learning that Vanessa is hoping to have an internship at O.W.C.A, he is also told by her that he is terrible at being evil, and that the only thing motivating him are what happened in the past and not what comes from the heart. Convinced that he can be better at doing good, he decides to give up his evil ways to save the world from the effects of the Do-Over-Inator, and to allow Vanessa to go for O.W.C.A's job opening.

In Doof 101, he was sentenced by court to be the high school science teacher of Vanessa's class. It's likely because he either confessed what he had done before becoming good, or because of one of his past schemes.

In The O.W.C.A Files, he was able to become an agent for O.W.C.A because he is considered to be an ocelot after being raised by a family of ocelots. A notable contribution he did for the agency was aiding Perry and the rookie agents stopping Professor Parenthesis from taking full control of the agency and the rest of the agents, and conquering the world in a revenge on Major Francis Monogram.

In Act Your Age, he is shown to be a good friend of Major Monogram, Perry, Carl, and the rest of O.W.C.A, although Perry will still come to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated whenever he accidentally sets off the evil alarm.

After Perry went missing for a brief time, Heinz built a faulty time machine to search for his ally. Instead of going forwards one month in time, it malfunctioned, resulting in a launch twenty years into the future. The machine had run out of power, and coincidentally, fell apart.

Now being stuck in this new time, he has done his best to accustom himself to the changes. He is currently searching for his daughter, attempting to view her safety.

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"Gotham Crime War"

Ponders long as hard, thinking if I have anyone that would fit here. I then realize that my son of Superboy and Wonder Girl lives in Gotham City with his adoptive family.

+Darius Johnson
+Purple Pathfinder

I'm not sure who else is in Bullet Club (Tag wise) but if I made someone from the team. Could they join?

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Come watch! This is a new career mode. The fate of the character in this series will be determined by you! The Veiwer!

So, I would post a rp for her, but it takes a very specific sort of situation. I wanna do more with my Merlyn child. She hasn't done much besides fuck with Arsenal. So, I either need someone that's alright with having a super ducking close fight, or bane.

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A Day In The Life Of The Flash

after his interesting meeting with the JL, Ollie decided that he was just gonna go for a plan just Run and see how things play out, he changed the setting on his communicators ear piece to play music as he looked out over central city and ran as the music begins to play

Flash a-ah
Savior of the Universe
Flash a-ah
He'll save every one of us

Ollie ran through Central City just doing small but good deeds like helping paint a building, pulling a kid in who ran into traffic and then cleaning all the windows for a window cleaner

Flash a-ah
He's a miracle

*Ollie then saw a crime being committed as a woman was being mugged so he ran up to him and punched him before returning the bag all within a blink of a eye

Flash a-ah
King of the impossible

He's for every one of us
Stand for every one of us
He save with a mighty hand
Every man, every woman
Every child, with a mighty

Ollie then Saw a building on fire in the down town area, he ran in phasing through the wall picking up each and every trapped civilian before creating a vacuum to extinguish the flames before running to the tallest building and looking over the city

Flash a-ah

Flash a-ah
He'll save every one of us

Just a man
With a man's courage
You know he's
Nothing but a man
And he can never fail
No one but the pure at heart
May find the Golden Grail

Ollie looked over the city and smiled, recent events had broadened his horizons as to how much more of a difference he can make but he wasn't going to forget that at the end of the day he may be one of the world's protectors but he's still Central City's Scarlet Speedster
"As the French say Allons-y"
He ran back down to Continue to help his city

((Not a RP))

+the Y2J Guy -​ How should Iris contact Wilson? I know via Black Market, but Letter/Phone/Etc?

File Start Dr. David Taylor. I haven't made any of these in a while because....I was too emotionally frustrated. Project K-OM364 was a failure. It was a failure in the sense that.....he escaped. A few years ago after the operation was done, he rebelled and fled. Now, we haven't the slightest idea where he is. We tried to open up K-1BU51 but the government has put it on hold. Right now we're-

An explosion is heard and sirens go off.

What is happening?

Screaming is heard along with gunfire. The sound of the file is distorted for a slight moment. Why are you here?! Why have you come back?!

"I never did repay you for making me into a cyborg badass."

Who are these people you've brought with you?! What- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!

"Oh him? An Irish Demon King. That guy with the umbrella, the Villain. Those two guys you saw running around and gunning people down, the Guerrillas of Destiny."

Why....we helped you! We gave you a gift!

"Well.....I figured you might try to make another like me to go after me since I left....I'm stopping this now. Goodbye....and Goodnight."

A gunshot is heard. A few seconds later the audio is heard being moved around.

"We Rule The World. We Change The World. We Are Too Sweet. We Are The Bullet Club....and We Are F-F-F-For Life."

Audio Ends
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