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[Judas Rising Part 3]
[Jump City]
+Strongest There Is_guy
+Jordan Johnson
+Imperial Sunstrider
+senᴛɪᴍenᴛᴀʟ ʙoʏ
+Jession Ackster
+Cade Nelson

Frank Wilson stood a few yards away from the Titans Tower, alongside him was Red X. X had convinced Frank to take out the group of teenagers once a for all as they had took the one family tie Wilson had left, his niece. The plan was simple enough, Wilson would attack them while X hung back should things get too difficult for the Terminator, however given the last two encounters, that seemed not to be a problem at all. The Teen Titans were in the Tower doing their various activities, where they wouldn't expect Deathstroke to be hunting them one more time.

y'all. i haven't done like anything. with like anyone.

anyone wanna do anything with a bat, or a green thiccy?

emmett and mimi are the bois i'm mainly wanting to do stuff with.

<< Y'all Ever Heard of Bat Sabbath? >>
Emmett Gordon
+senᴛɪᴍenᴛᴀʟ ʙoʏ

The sound of Melanie's front doors slamming shut echoed through out the house her sweet little family had been hiding out in. Not wanting to cause any more unwanted attention, Emmett stumbled in as quietly as he possibly could, which still made a decent amount of noise due to his heavy ass boots. A cowl slapping the ground was heard in the surrounding area around the living room, directly followed by Emmett slapping down onto the couch while swearing to himself.

This is the result of the night he had while striking the Batwoman name back into the public. Hormones have really been kicking his ass recently, getting in the way of his workouts, his line of heroing, and the itchiness of his face. Sometime it really is like that.

<< Booyah! >>
Mimi Logan-Roth
+the Y2J Guy -

Mimoo walked through the streets of New York, phone and tea in hand. Earbuds lead to her ears, in which she was talking to her girlfriend. Mainly about what was going on there, and the situations she'd dissolved, the great coffee and tea, stuff like that. Mimi wasn't very subtle about anything either, the people around her could probably hear 'babe' or 'my gem' just about every other word. Her presence was truly felt by everyone around her, including Stone. Mimi didn't know that he was around due to her hearing being obscured by the sound of her girlfriend. However as soon as the call ended, she caught the slight sound of machinery. Probably, I don't know enough about cyborg.

(Closed to +ʀօֆɛ ʟǟʟօռɖɛ​)

Lucas sat in his warehouse base, watching streetlight footage that he watched over and over again. It was the late night attack of the Negative Flash on Ollie Allen. He watched as Negative Flash dragged Allen through the street before eventually throwing him into the Flash Museum. Lucas had been receiving his Anti-Speed Force technology from the Black Hole Organization that Negative Flash was apart of, so he somewhat new the possibilities of what could happen. After a while, he ended going by his sister's place to check on her, though he really wanted to see for himself if she had found out what happened.

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Almost nothing is done but this is just a reminder for myself lol

❝ Things just got weird- it’s my time to shine. ❞

❀ G e n e r a l ❀

【Full Name】
• Amata November Carissima Drake

• Spoiler
• Amatus, Amy, Mata,
• Novi/Nobi, ‘Vember,
• Cari, Rissa, Carisa,

• Female

• She/Her

【Date Of Birth】
• 3/5/xx

• 16

❝ Forest fortuna adiuvat, or something. I’m pretty sure that’s something wise in Latin, just known I’m here to kick your ass. ❞

❀ A p p e a r a n c e ❀

【Age Appearance】
• She looks about her age.

• 5’7

• 143 lbs

【Hair Color】
• Blonde

【Hair Length】
• It’s surprisingly long, it’s at her midback now.

【Hair Texture】
• Soft n smooth

• Ponytail 24/7

【Eye Color】
• Blue

【Body Figure】
• Slim / Muscular- Amata likes working out a lot, so she’s more muscular than slim.

【Distinguishing Features】
• Not particularly. She’s got a lip piercing but that’s about it.

❝ So he died, big deal. Guy deserved it. ❞

❀ C l o t h i n g ❀

【Casual Wear】
• She’s pretty preppy in school but wears a uniform so not much there- casual wear usually consists of either leggings or skinny jeans and halter tops or hero-themed shirts. There’s no in between.

【Formal Wear】
• Formal? Pfft. Her cheer outfit is as formal as she gets. Amata tries to avoid formal events.

【Sleep Wear】
• Amata sleeps naked tbh. She locks her door at night so people can’t accidentally barge in (like that would stop anybody)

• Earrings and a lip ring but that’s about it.

【Important Item】
• Her ‘Spoiler’ outfit has a bunch of pockets n shit- gadgets and whatever she needs.

❝ I took a calculated risk- but man, am I bad at math. ❞

❀ P e r s o n a l i t y ❀

【General Personality】
• Amata is rather cheery, but despite her ‘look on the bright side’ personality, she’s very down to earth. Will she hand you a platter of sarcasm? Yes, yes she will, but she’s generally nice.

【General Mood】
• Happy

❝ Who the fuck decided I should do cheer? It was a terrible idea and I’ve been up since six pm yesterday. Don’t mix Monster and coffee by the way. ❞

❀ O p i n i o n s ❀

✔️ Working out; sports
✔️ Learning; usually anything she’s not supposed to. She loves learning dirt about others.
✔️ Puns; honestly she loves any kind of humour.
✔️ Waffles; any sugar, really
✔️ Helping; literally anyone. With anything. It could be cheating and she’d feel guilty if she said no because somebody needed help and she didn’t help them.
✔️ Rollerblading; Amata kind of loves any active hobby.

✖️ People; in all honesty, she’s an introvert as heart. People are draining, as much as she loves them.
✖️ Criminals; who doesn’t at this point?
✖️ Staying in one place too long
✖️ Being told what to do; which, unfortunately, happens a lot when you’re a kid
✖️ Peanut butter
✖️ Drama; that’s a lie, she loves it when it doesn’t involve her
✖️ Being underestimated

• While she’s smart, she’s very sportsminded.
She’s on the cheer team and volleyball team.
She’s also on the debate team but she likes arguing, so no surprise there.

• Anybody really- even if they’re total assholes, she works to be nice to anyone she’s around.

❝(Insert Quote)❞
(Insert Image)

❀ W e a p o n s/A b i l i t i e s ❀

【Main Weapon】
Birdarangs / Bo Staff
- Like her brother and parents, Amata was trained to use throwing weapons and a staff.

【Backup Weapon】
Explosives / Gauntlets
- While her gloves are fitted with hooks on the sides, they’re more for deflecting than attacking. She keeps various sets of ‘explosives’ in her pockets, ranging from regular smoke bombs to small but strong explosive devices.

【Special Abilities】
• Acrobatics
Martial Arts
Genius Level Intellect
Tactical Analysis
Computer Hacking

•(How did they obtain their abilities?)
- Amata has a bunch of gadgets she uses in her nightly routine. From things like grappling hooks to cutting tools and lockpicks.
Spoiler Suit
- Her Spoiler suit is insulated against ballistic, electric, and flame attacks. It looks lightweight, but is relatively heavy due to being so insulated.

❝(Insert Quote)❞
(Insert Image)

❀ O r i e n t a t i o n s/R e l a t i o n s ❀

•(What is their sexuality? Homosexual, asexual, pansexual, etc.)
【Romantic Orientation】
•(What is their romantic orientation? Aromantic, biromantic, panromantic, etc.)
• Stephanie Brown;
• Tim Drake;
• Seth Drake;

•(Write a detailed paragraph about their friends and their relationship with them.)
【Significant Other】
•(Write a detailed paragraph about their significant other and their relationship with them.)
•(Write a detailed paragraph about their rivals and their relationship with them.)
•(Write a detailed paragraph about their enemies and their relationship with them.)
•(Write about their pet if they have one.)
❝(Insert Quote)❞
(Insert Image)
❀ H e a l t h ❀
【Physical Health】
•(How is their health physically wise? Describe it.)
【Mental Health】
•(How is their health mentally wise? Describe it.)
【Physical Disorders】
•(Do they have disorders that affect them physically? If so, name them.)
【Mental Disorders】
•(Do they have disorders that affect them mentally? If so, name them.)
•(State anything you'd like to add about their health.)
❝(Insert Quote)❞
(Insert Image)
❀ E x t r a ❀
•(What habits do they have? List them.)
•(Describe how their voice sounds or give a link.)
【Languages Spoken】
•(What languages can they speak?)
•(Name and describe some talents they have.)
【Theme Song】
(Add a link to their theme song.)
❝(Insert Quote)❞
(Insert Image)
❀ L i f e ❀
Early Childhood (1-7):
•(Write a detailed paragraph about their life during this time.)
Late Childhood (8-12):
•(Write a detailed paragraph about their life during this time.)
Teen Years (13-19):
•(Write a detailed paragraph about their life during this time.)
Adulthood (20+):
•(Write a detailed paragraph about their life during this time.)
❝(Insert Quote)❞
(Insert Image)

14 Photos - View album

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[Shocking Development]
[Suicide Slum, Metropolis]
+En Sabah Nur

"Southside Metropolis, or let's be real's really Suicide Slum. Has been for years, no one that grew up here will ever call it Southside again. It's funny how it's only two miles away from the Daily Planet, but seems like they're about as far away from each other as possible. This place is hell, a place where kids get gunned down while trying to play a simple pickup game of basketball. Many vigilantes briefly operated here, but none of them ever stayed. That should say alot. My uncle Jeff was born and raised here, but even he eventually fucked off to Chicago as if it was really any better. Black Racer, Gangbuster, hell even Steel tried their hand at the Slum. Didn't really matter. Not even Big Blue crosses over into this side of town. But I ain't leaving. Not any time soon. There's no getting rid of this Black Lightning."

Alvin Pierce stood on top of a rooftop in Suicide Slum, looking down at an ensuing gang war. The rival gangs had fired shots at each other constantly and seemingly only had a few casualties on both ends. Charging his electricity in both hands, Black Lightning jumped down and landed in between the gangs, creating a large electric shockwave that knocked every gang member back in different directions. Electricity coursed through their body as they were knocked unconscious. Black Lightning looked around to see if any were still awake, but it seemed as if he had used just the right amount of power.

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+Emma Wit
Bubba's New Suit

Hovering above a park bench, a familiar looking bubble fiddled with its belt. The creature looked awfully similar to Zeppelin, but something was off. The donkey's voice was much deeper, and it seemed to be talking to someone else over a radio. The ball stopped at the sound of footsteps approaching. In the shadows, she couldn't see far, so she waited for the sound to step into the light.

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"Whatever happened to the Bat Family before man? They were a well oiled machine.....these guys now are just....all over the place."

"I'm fighting for something other than myself...."

"Joe, I know you're up there. I'm making you proud, I promise. Tell Barbara I said hi."


Samuel Kane





Date of Birth: August 12th

Zodiac Sign¦


Biography Or Backstory:
Sam Kane was born in Brooklyn of a obscure but rich branch of the Kane Family. Likely the result of a romantic incident, Sam was born when his brother Joseph was already a teenager. Most of his memories of his brother were forged by letters and postcards as well as stories by the family's employees about his globetrotting brother. Joseph was only in town for a few weeks between his college graduation and his internship at Wayne Enterprises. In that short time, Joseph became upset at his brother's neglect. After a few months in Gotham, at the behest of Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Joseph returned to Brooklyn for a surprise visit. What he found was that due to his parents going on a spontaneous European vacation and a communications problem, no was there to pick Sam up from school. Sam walked home in the rain but stood outside as he had been locked up. After that day, Sam was brought to Gotham with his brother where they stayed ever since.

His brother Joseph had become a crimefighter and close personal friend with Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, fighting crime with the Bat Family to make a difference on crime in Gotham and later Bludhaven as well. Sam was eventually trained by Damian Wayne at the time that he was Robin, as the others had figured that he would respond well to someone a little closer in age. At 21 years old Sam Kane now lives in a world without his brother, a world that he quickly had to adjust to as the vigilante Redbird.

While in college at Gotham University, Sam met Kariah Danvers, the daughter of Kara and Damian Wayne. The two instantly hit it off and one thing led to another, leading to Kariah becoming pregnant and two quickly married. After she became pregnant, Sam set out on a mission to find out what happen to his side of the Kane family. During the mission in the middle east, a deadly bombing occured and it was reported that there were no survivors in the attack. Sam had actually survived and was found by a man named Lucien al Ghul. Lucien nursed Sam back to health and gave him an extra amount of training. Two years later, Sam returned with the hopes of continuing his life with his wife and child. After revealing himself to his wife, the two continued their marriage with Sam mainly staying in Metropolis due to not knowing how to approach the Bat Family again. Now seeing the different things happening to the Bat Family, he decides that it was time to reveal himself.

Mother: Adeline Kane - Deceased

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Joseph Kane(deceased)

Other Relatives:
Eleanor Kane - Grandmother(deceased)
Unknown Grandfather
Roderick Kane - Great Uncle(deceased)
Elizabeth Kane - Great Aunt(deceased)
Martha Wayne - First cousin, once removed(deceased)
Bruce Wayne - Second Cousin(deceased)
Jacob Kane - First cousin, once removed(deceased)
Kate Kane - Second Cousin(deceased)

The remainder of the Kane Family

Damian Wayne
Richard Grayson II

Non specific

Significant Other: Kariah Danvers

Children: Krystal Kane

Base of Operations: Bludhaven

Nationality: American

Race: Human




Protestant Christianity


Traits: Friendly, Caring, Ambitious

Flaws: Can be a bit arrogant

Quirks: Seemingly likes all types of music except country

Special Skills:
Mixed Martial Arts
Medical Expertise
Technical Expertise

Strengths: Fighting, Technology, Medicine

Being human

Likes: Video Games, Training, Technology

Dislikes: Evil and Criminals


Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Hair Length: Short

Skin Color: Creamy

Body Type Or Build: Muscular

Body Weight: 189

Height: 6'1


Theme Song(s): Just Close Your Eyes by Sound of the Year

Fears/Phobias: Pungophobia

Habits: Smiling

Secrets: His identity
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Anyone up for an rp with any of these guys?

Michael Turner/Deadman
Lucas Snart/Captain Frost
Chris Hyde/Aqualad
Jaiden Todd/Red Hood
Silas Jordan/Green Lantern
Joseph Dent/Mayor Dent
Brock Markov/Geo-Force
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