First off, i say we have a balance system. No Democratic or republican parties, Purely human parties. Secondly We have a vote based on 100% vote and the overall winner unless its a tie or a loss/win by 1.5% or less. Then a recount after another conference is called. The Winner Becomes the Leader and the loser is out of luck. They winner may choose a vice leader. To balance the matter so 2 dont have complete power. A congress will be made consisting of 2 nominees from each sector (Farming and agriculture, Engineering, Religious, Military, Etc) to keep a more balance opinion and views from all points. Now this congress may make bills to be confirmed or denied by the leader. It then passes to a congress vote. If it fails the Vice and leader may decide to allow it to pass/fail or go to a people vote. If it effects a majority it is then allowed. Oterwise it may re cycle into the system. A thirds system would be in charge of keeping the laws and protecting it, The enforcers and lawyers. This system is able to stop a bill from passing before congress if it effects security with or without the leaders permission unless executive pass if given. And finally a fourth power that would keep a bill from being forgotten as well as keeeping the congress in check. They are the controllers of the leaders but cant change anything besides laws in the goverment. They prevent a bill being passed that makes a leader a king, or removes any of the power, or causing a genocide like action. They are the peacekeeper.

Now i would like to ask, What exactly do we want with laws. Would we want to change america to be better or laws that would fit a new nation. If we started new we could have to find work arounds. Its just a general question.

This is a simple idea. Why not go digital with currency. Yes data may be hack-able but why not make an actually solid way for currency to be counted therefore it cant be hacked in. Limiting it would also be good but growth needs to occur so a steady print/materialization would be added.

With what i was saying earlier i was thinking what the sectors would be. My ideas were the following.
Agriculture, Law enforcement, Medical, Engineering, Military, Foreign Affairs, Civilians, Government advisers, Environmentalists, Designers, Workers, and Store owners. Any more?

So here is a WILD idea i had. What if by using very precise electromagnets, we pretty much ripped a person apart into molecules and re assemble them removing or adding any needed atoms for cells. It would pull out cells then replace them in an instant. You could renew cells making your heart healthy again or re add a foot onto a body. It could even be used to add or remove parts needed for bionic augmentations. Now i will be writing more on this but in long story short immortality, constant alteration of self, and life saving uses in mere moments. This would change the world no doubt.

This is more of ideas for myself but i feel this would be great. What someone believes as an opinion is ok unless it attacks another opinion. Saying "I dont like guns" (Not me saying that) IS an ok thought however saying "Guns shouldn't exist, they kill people." That is not ok. Or saying since i believe in god you have to as well. Forcing opinions or thoughts down ones throat is not ok.

My second thought is, even if it isnt ethical, if its for the betterment of science and the participant is agreeing to allow it being done, It may be done. If a person is agreeing to be tested with consent its ok. Animals have a different exception as unless we are willing to do it on our self or the animal is Not to be experimented on. Insects may as long as the population surpasses a mass amount.

My third Priciple is that all humans are humans weather they are good or bad. Treat them with care. Discrimination will not be tolerated. Opposing ideals will but not forced ideals.

Lastly i see that if a person is unwilling to do something after previously agreeing unless its for the better of the community or man kind, stop. If he wants to volunteer for a life changing experiment that may force him to either live or die, if he requests to leave we allow it unless they are under influence of sorts.

As technology advance we have gotten further and further with machines, but i feel as of now we are not quiet ready to strap a machine into a person and make them full metal cyborg. Now i am not opposed to a bionic man, but i feel exoskeletons and exo-based units would be better for starting. From our developments on that we can then focus on making tech better and smaller for human inserted products.
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