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Name- Savannah Mason





Relationship status- single

Weapons-(pictures down below)

Abilities- she is skilled with a knife and is a great artist

Killing Method- 1) Cuts open their throats with her brace knuckles and stabs them in the chest a few times. 2) Stabs a knife in each of their wrist and cut open their stomach till their insides come out
3) Cuts open their stomach, uses her knife to cut a circle with an X in it on their chest, and then removes their head

Personality- a bit of a loner, acts cold hearted, sarcastic, crazy, easily angered, easily made jealous, obedient to some people, and smart

Biography- Her and her older brother were beaten by their father as children as her mother did nothing. She was picked on at school because of the things she liked. Her beating stopped on her 10th birthday. Her brother was pushed down the stairs of their house by their father. It killed him almost instantly. He was pushed because he tried to leave the house without permission. She walked out the kithen still holding the knife she had just cleaned. She saw her brother and ran out the house straight to the place she knew the best the woods. She hid as her father followed after her. He couldn't see in the dark and tripped. She saw this as a opportunity she went over to him and before he knew it she cut open his throat but out of rage she stabbed in the chest not once but 40 times. She went back home but on her way she saw a tall figure but thought nothing of it. When she got home she told her mother what she had done. Her mother made her keep it a secret and sent her to therapy for her anger. Over the year kids stop picking on her and became scared of her because of how she would get when it came to her anger and of how she would always draw weird stuff in class the most frequent things were a tall man with no face that wore a black suit she saw the man in her dreams a lot and a circle with an X through it. When she was 16 her mother got remarried to a man who had a son around her age. She hated him but when he needed her help she helped him. They were walking home from school when they were jumped by a dude with a gun. The reason he jumped them was because her step brother owed him money. Her step brother tried to hit but failed the guy choked him against the alley wall. She saw a broken pipe and stabbed it into his neck killing him. Her brother ended up telling her why the guy jumped them and it made her feel guilty, so she told him she was going to tell what had happened. He didn't want his reputation ruined so he tried to kill her. She ended up mashing his head in with one of his own trophies killing him. Her step father saw his son and tried to hit her so she went crazy and killed him and her own mother. She ran to the woods to get away. When she meet a tall man that had no face and wore a black suit the same man she had been seeing for seven years of her life. She agreed to be one of his proxys and always be obedient to him. Now she is 17 and going to this school.

Dislikes-being told what to do by an one other than Slenderman, people talking bad about her brother, people flirting with her crush, and being annoyed while in a bad mode

Likes-The woods, bunnies, music, drawing, and Ticci Toby

Other- she has a stuffed bunny (their is a picture below) she made when she was 11 and keeps it with her it's usually in her book bag.
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Name: "Hazel"

Age: "15"

Looks: "You're looking at me" (In the picture)

Cp Name: "Dicer"

Crush: "R-red Angel"

Pets: "Grinny Cat"

Weapon: "Machetes you wanna taste 'em?"

Family: "Valilly"

Bio: "Long story short, My family didn't care about me and so I looked to...witchcraft so I had a ouji board and end up calling up Zalgo"

Likes: "Chocolate and blood"

Dislikes: "Clowns, Manikins, and I'm very claustrophobic"

Abilities: "Levitation and slicing and dicing" (Quickly killing)

Friends: "Cherry pan, Zero, Lost Silver, Puppeteer, and.....Grinny"

Enemies: "L.J and Hobo heart....bunch of dumbasses"

Saying: "The world doesn't want you forever"

Nickname: "Dicey.....Lazari calls me that.... She's the only one who can call me that! So don't get any ideas"

Fave Season: "Winter and Fall"

Color: "Every color except orange it's the most disgusting color I have ever seen "
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Name: Cyllus McGraver
Age: 7
Personality: bipolar, insane, childish
Likes: toys, donuts, ice cream, killing, string
Dislikes: school, directions (hates being told what to do), people

Bio: Cyllus was spoiled to the bone. When he was 5 years old he got a car. At the age of 6 he got anything he asked for. At the age of 7 he grew tired of being spoiled. His parents asked what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said a murderer. They said they get a teacher and get him lesson on it because they loved him so much. After 1 month he already taken down 50 target dummies in less than 1 minute. His parents grew worried and afraid that they will become his next practice dummy. Later that year he got an early birthday present. The present was his very own knife. His parents later got so scared that they attempted to kill him, but he prepared and killed them. He knew that they would try and kill him in his sleep, so he planned ahead and set a dummy there every night and practiced 'till the day came. Emotionless, he walked over to the forest and met Slenderman where he later became a proxy and his dream of becoming a murderer cam true and he loved it.

Relationship: Single
Catch Phrase: Are going to murder me too?

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Name: Silent Death
Age:16 (looks 12)
Gender: Female
Personality: Varies
Weapon: sword
Likes: Music, Singing, Playing the guitar, Being Alone (Sometimes)
Dislikes: Classrooms being with people (Sometimes)
Relationship: Single :)
Bio: lived with her abusive dad for along time she thinks killing and abusing people is alright cause her dad abused her and killed her mom She just ran away from home looking for a friend.

Name:Cassie Marry Meyers
Personality: quite, calm, angers over things she loves, protective,
Likes: weapons of all kinds and to do drugs since they cannot affect her body due to her being a shifter

Appearance: has purple hair with black tips in bangs and bottom of my hair, has a black link tunic , a beanie with cat ears, black eyes that change colors by my mood,and has a master sword

More about me: I can be a perv, I'm very weird , I can sing but don't sing in front of ppl , I'm lazy at times, I like watching (my digital escape,desandnate,pewdiepie,and popularmmos), I still sleep with a stuffed animal (a baby minecraft sheep named taco), I don't like dresses and will only wear one if my bff forces me to wear one, my favourite tv shows are spongebob, my little pony, littlest pet shop, amazing world of gumball, clarence, Steven universe, adventure time, and family guy, I like anime such as attack on titan, black butler, fairy tale,and sword art online

Bio : I was unwanted by my real parents and they abused me a lot so one night I snapped and killed them all with an exact replica of the master sword from legend of Zelda my grandma got me for my birthday then I ran away and was found by creepypastas

Killer phrase: game over

Likes: Zelda,my phone,my room,art,fan fiction, and my digital escape
Dislikes: bullies, preps,and pink

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