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Hey, guys! So, welcome to my community! This place is really free, so you can basically RP with whatever you want! However, there are a few rules, so please keep to the rules and stuff!

1) You can RP as canon characters if you want, that's totally fine!
2) Hentai RPs are totally fine, just please no nude pictures! Don't wanna get reported, right?
3) If you are making an OC, please post their character profile in the Profiles section so I can approve them or give suggestions, alright?
4) No bullying! That's self explanatory!
5) RP whatever you want, however you want, have fun!
6) You don't have to stick to the Attack on Titan storyline if you don't want to! And don't worry about sticking too closely to the world of AOT, if you screw up it's okay.
7) No Godly overpowered characters, please! That gets annoying.
8) No killing other people's OCs without permission PLEASE
9) Um okay thats it! Enjoy!

Fucking hell I didn't say I died
That's it then.

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fixed pic*

Daize is just sitting alone  in the rain on top of Wall Rose, playing some random tune on his ukulele
RP FOR +Jack Crimson  and +Dragon Lady 

Daize is running down the sidewalk with sweat pouring down his face.
RP FOR +Dragon Lady  (we haven't rp-ed in a while)

It is midnight in the underground. Daize is roaming in the alley ways when you...

(+Dragon Lady) Tara goes over to Destiny's house for a talk....

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On an expedition outside the walls, the Scout Regiment comes across a city with only abnormals around
RP For +Jack Crimson and any body else that wants to join.
((The picture is inside walls, but they are actually OUTSIDE the walls))

+Dragon Lady +Soulless Heart +Jack Crimson 
Any of you guys wanna rp?

RP FOR +Dragon Lady  AND +Jack Crimson 
The two men who work for Sleken just have taken Destiny away on horses on their way to Wall Sina
It's up to Daize and Castell to strike back
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