Well guys,
Im going on vacation tomorrow for about y days and I won't be able to post during those days,
While I'm gone you guys need to RP at least once

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Name: Matthew Williams

Age: 19

Personality: shy and reserved, usually a very cheerful man but he'll get serious when the situation calls for it. He's also stubborn as a brick wall, despite his shy demeanour. He's patient and takes a long time to truly anger, but when you do ... you should run 

Department: MI

Race: Human

Squad: he's not currently in one

Skill(s): Matthew is very skilled with tracking down and finding info on creatures in very very small amounts of time, memorizing the weaknesses and patterns of monsters from common to rare. He's good with things like knives and swords, but is much much better in ranged combat then hand to hand.  He's fast and agile, but screwed if you can trap him in a smaller space.

Weapon(s): throwing knives, pistols, snipers, basically if he can use it to attack from a good distance he's good

Abilitie(s): none

Rank:  Detective
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Let me just say this now,
Whatever rank you are is what you are called with either a first name,last name, or Nick name
For example, I'm Detective Ghost,
Also squads can only be formed with my permission and they have to be with people that are like minded
Also when creating a profile please use the template (if I even have one lol) and choose a department,
For now there's only two departments,
SSL (Strange Science Labs)
MI (Monster Investigation)

GUYS can someone please be active?

Can someone please make an account and start roleplaying?

Can someone please make an account so we can RP? If you need help please ask

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Name: Edward "Ghost" C.
Race: BiHuman, Half Ghost Half human
Weapons: Doom (sword
Abilities: flying, going through any object, invisibility, etc. (Pretty much anything a ghost can do)
Skills:Master in hand to hand combat, Master in sword fighting
Squad: Night Terrors
Rank: Detective

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(Jfc I have so much rules) in addition to characters, you can only have one and can't make another unless you die, also if you are BiHuman and you're a certain race of half monster,you can't die because technically you're already dead

This is something I need to enforce before it gets out of hand,
When making a character the race is not limited to human meaning you can be a select few races,
Meaning you cannot make yourself the strongest and most OP OK? You can be human or bihuman,
Bihumans are the spawn of a human and a monster in the monster index, such include zombies and wolves and other things but nothing too OP guys

current profile template meaning from now on you guys have to use this because people tend to use their own and it never ends well.
PS I'm gonna post the template without this message so you can copy and paste it
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